Low, Mid & High Risk Merchant Account. Credit, Debit & Echeck Payment Processing Solutions & Chargeback Alert Services

E Cigarette Merchant Account

Many domestic processors say no to this industry but many offshore payment processing companies offer solutions to companies in this industry. We will help you find a correct electronic cigarette merchant account provider

Dating Site Merchant Account

There are many website on the internet that offer a platform to people who search friends online. These sites are do not promote the escort listing.  There offer subscription based listing of of long term relation seekers.

Job Portal Merchant Account

Jos sites that offer Paid Job Posting and Resume services need to accept Credit debit and Echeck transactions. Global companies in the Human Resources domain can apply for it.

Merchant Account for Marine Services

Marine services companies catter to a massive number of companies. They offer services that include coast to coast passanger transaport to global container transport via global water ways.

Merchant Accounts for Airlines and Cruises

Two major industries that are globally recognised. Airlines and Cruises can offer travel services to remote location if they accept Credit, Debit and Echeck  transactions from global customers. 

Merchant Account For Call Centre

Many companies use call centers to handle inbound sales. When an organisation has a massive number of transactions getting done via an inbound call center it needs a card processing solution. 

Ecommerce Merchant Account

Sites selling tangible products online are becoming extremely popular. Broadband internet is becoming cheaper and this has acted as a booster for ecommerce sites. 

Merchant Accounts for Smoke accessories

There are lot of equipments that are sold by headshops. Most of the acquiring banks say no to headshops. Some of them say yes after checking the merchants profile, Product list and available licenses

Merchant Accounts for Schools

Educational institutions can accept the school fees by using multiple modes. The most common modes are Card, Echeck,ACH and netbanking.Processors offer attractive rates to educational institutions.

Card and Echeck Processing

Merchants from almost every industry can accept the revolutionary mode of payment processing. There are few conditions . The first condition is the industry and the business must be legal as per law. The second is the business should not be located in locations that are not supported by processing companies. Many offshore High Risk Merchant Account providers are absolutely ok to look at applications from industries that are considered Risky.

Quadrapay Payment Processing Solutions

What to do if your industry is not supported by card brands.

This is a common challenge as card brands update Payment service providers with new guidelines regularly. This is a good step as per Risk and Fraud Control. As a responsible organisation we must follow the latest guidelines from Government agencies , Financial Institution and Card brands. In case your industry is one of those that are fully ignored and considered prohibited by card brands but is still legal as per government then you should look at ACH payment processing. ACH is becoming extremely popular across USA. Most of the Third Party ACH Payment Processors offer VT with API. 

About Industries

Our solutions work for merchants from various industries. Starting from Education to software development. From Construction to Medical services. You name it and we will be able to help you. provided the industry is legal and is not violating any local or international law/regulation. Please note that the regulations and guidelines of card brands, financial Institutions and government agencies can affect merchants from various industries at any time. The list of industries shall not be considered accurate. Payment Service providers may not be able to offer solutions to all industries. We recommend merchants to send us the complete application form so that we may share the views of the processors.