Insurance Agency Credit Card Processing

Payment Processing For Insurance Agency

Insurance Agencies are growing very rapidly and show enormous growth in recent years. The industry has vast potential and covers a large market area, and tremendous growth is expected in the near future in Insurance Companies.

Are you a business owner of an Insurance company? Are you a merchant searching for one of the best methods to accept premium remotely? Then obviously, you need a payment solution for your Insurance Agency like Credit Card Processing, eCheck or ACH. It helps to receive a premium for your insurance product from your customer online.

We at Quadrapay help businesses with various payment solutions. It helps them to process payments via credit/debit card solution, echeck, ACH and over the phone through Virtual Terminal.

Credit Card Processing For Insurance Industry And Why It Is Considered As High- Risk Industry

The insurance company offers protection to the policyholder that covers the risk of uncertain events. The policyholder will get a sum assured amount against his policy in case of any uncertainty for which he was insured. Due to the uncertainty and large payment processing volume, the industry is considered as high risk. There are various insurance parties that cover the risk in different sectors—for example, health insurance, life insurance, vehicle or property insurance etc. Due to the risk involved, it’s quite a challenge to get a solution for your Insurance Agency like Credit Card Processing. Nevertheless, Quadrapay will help you. We have already helped some merchants like your industry to get a solution to accept premium online. Credit Card Processing solution is the most demanded payment method. It helps your insured or policyholder to pay via credit or debit card. You can also have more than one payment solution to offer diversified payment flexibility to your customer.

We have partnered with processors from the USA, EU and other global countries who can provide you with more payment methods like ACH, eCheck or Offshore processing Solution. ACH is also one of the most demanding solutions from your industry type.ACH has a smooth, onboarding process with less hassle.

Why Insurance Company Needs A Payment Processing Method

There are various reasons for an insurance company to accept payments online. By accepting payments online, you can focus more on the insurance product rather than the accountability area. And it also helps your customer to pay a premium from anywhere under their convenience. Let’s discuss some of them:

  • Ease Of Payment Acceptance: With a payment processing solution, you can accept payments from anywhere without paperwork. It helps to focus more on the core business area rather than dealing with payments every time.
  • eCheck/ACH Payments: With echeck and ACH payment processing solution, you can get rid of physical paper checks. Other benefits of eCheck and ACH are the low processing fees and less settlement time.
  • Customer Satisfaction: With online means of payment, it attracts the customer and offers them the flexibility to pay you anytime anywhere.

Get Your Payment Processing Solution For Insurance Agency With Quadrapay

As far, we have discussed the need for a payment solution for your Insurance Agency. We have also discussed why it’s a challenge to get a payment. Though it is hard to get a merchant account for the Insurance Sector, Quadrapay helps you with the easy on boarding process. To get a merchant account, fill the pre-approval form onto our site, and we will get back to you in a short time. We will help you with final integration and until you start receiving payment smoothly.

Get directly in touch with us at [email protected].

Happy Processing !!!

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