International High-Risk Merchant Accounts Opens Door For Multi-Country

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International High-Risk Merchant Accounts Quadrapay

Take Advantage Of International High-Risk Merchant Accounts And Boost Your Business Sales!

Nowadays, in the era of the highly competitive world, You can’t grow your business if you are sticking with your domestic merchant account for payment processing solutions especially for the category of high-risk business where a lot of restrictions are bound. To keep up with the high demands of the market and advancements in technology. You have to switch to a better merchant account service like international high-risk merchant accounts. This will provide you facility to sell your products and service across the world, and accept credit card, debit card, echeck transactions in the form of multi-currency payments. So, you will achieve more customers globally and this will result in more revenue out of your business.

What Is A High-Risk Business And How It Is Categorized?

Some of the businesses are considered as high-risk businesses because of several reasons. This can be a reason for a large number of chargebacks compared to an ordinary business account, or it can be because of several cases of fraudulent activity involved while trading the products and services. Industries like the adult sector, internet service providers, travel businesses, forex or binary options are usually categorized under risky business categories. That’s why banks consider these businesses and industries as high risk and don’t support payment processing solutions.
Don’t Worry! Quadrapay has an international high-risk merchant accounts solution which will allow you to sell your goods and service to domestic customers and others residing in other countries as well even if you are from a high-risk business category.

Advantages Of International High-Risk Merchant Accounts from Quadrapay!

There are a lot of payment service providers available in the market. Still, Quadrapay is a merchant service provider who has expertise in the field of credit card payment processing and merchant account solutions with a high-risk merchant account as well low-risk merchant account.

  • An Easy application process for international high-risk merchant accounts
  • Cost-effective processing charges so that you can achieve more profits from your business.
  • Multi-currency processing so that you can easily accept and settle payments in multiple currencies across the globe.
  • Quick settlement of credit card processing for small business
  • A highly secured payment gateway with payment card industry and data security standard compliance
  • High Volume Processing supports so that you can take advantage of growing your business with no volume capacity limits.
  • Best in class customer support and service always available to assist your query.

Wondering About Requirements To Get A International High-Risk Merchant Accounts For Your Business? Let’s Clear Them!

If you are determined to gain more profit from your business, Quadrapay is ready to help you to achieve it! We have made a simple application procedure for international high-risk merchant accounts. You have to fill all the necessary information in the application form and submit it with all the applicable documents which are as follows:

  • A government-approved identity like a driving license or a passport.
  • Your bank account transaction statements up to the last three months.
  • If applicable, processing statements up to the previous three months.
  • SSL Certificate
  • Company registration information

After submission of all the required documents, your international high-risk merchant accounts will be approved within 48 hours. If you are still stuck in something, you can contact us at [email protected].