International Merchant Accounts

Expand Your Business Globally With International Merchant Accounts

Nowadays, the E-commerce market is one of the booming industries, thanks to the advancement in terms of the digital platform and online services. Now a person can easily purchase the products and services that belong to other countries. But as a business owner, you need to go through a lot of preparations and to develop a reliable platform to offer products and services to your valuable customers. In terms of accepting payments online, you need to have a payment processing solution for your international business. Now with Quadrapay, you can easily apply for International Merchant Accounts and Offshore merchant solutions.

Why Should You Get International Merchant Accounts With Quadrapay?

Most of the business merchants usually rely on their domestic/local based banks for credit card processing and merchant account solutions. But there are still a lot of situations where businesses need to pay a lot in terms of processing charges and sometimes they don’t even get approval for a merchant account solution from a domestic financial institute or bank. With Quadrapay, you can easily apply for international merchant accounts by filling a simple merchant application form with all the required details of your business. After receiving all the details, our team will start searching for the best processing solution as per your business needs so that you can take advantage of the maximum number of benefits all at low processing rates. But a business merchant should know that a business is categorized between a low-risk or a high-risk at the time of approval.

  • Low-Risk International Merchant Accounts: A low-risk international merchant accounts are meant for those businesses that do not involve in any risky business processing. These businesses take advantage of low-cost processing solutions as they have nil to significantly fewer chances of chargebacks, low-ticket sale products and services and have simple and straightforward business plans. The onboarding procedure is fast and easy approval. Some of the examples of a low-risk merchant account are as follows:
    • Brick and mortar stores
    • Pizzeria
    • Salon
    • Retail Magazine Store
    • Departmental Store
    • Hospitals/Doctors Clinic
    • Schools.
  • High-Risk International Merchant Accounts: These high-risk merchant accounts are specially designed merchant accounts for those businesses that are involved in risky business processings. These businesses need to pay a higher processing charge compared to a low-risk business. A business may be categorized under the high-risk category because of several reasons such as large ticket sales, an increased number of chargebacks, business reputational issues and lot more. That is why most of the banks deny the request for a merchant account that is related to risky processings. But now you can easily apply for high-risk international merchant accounts and start accepting payments online without any issue.

What Is The Procedure To Apply For International Merchant Accounts?

The onboarding procedures for international merchant accounts are simple and straightforward. A business merchant needs to fill the merchant application form with all the required details like business registration, processing volume. Along with the form, it is also necessary to submit a set of KYC documents for the process of verification and approval with payment processors. This may include as following:

  1. A government-approved identity like a passport or driving licence
  2. Latest bank account records up to the previous three months.
  3. Latest processing records up to the last three months (If you are currently processing or had processed earlier)
  4. SSL certified website
  5. Company registration documents with EIN as well.
  6. Utility bills for the business.
  7. Voided Check under the full business registered name

After submitting all the documents for international merchant accounts, you may get an approved merchant account within one day (submitting all required information and KYC documents).

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