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Credit Debit Card Processing

Global Payment Processing solutions for Merchants. Low MID and High Risk Solutions. Startup Welcome

USA Echeck/ACH Processing

Take Advantage of the 21st Century Check processing. Low Rates with Fast Payouts. Apply now for Echeck

USA Business Funding

Highly Effective Funding solutions for Merchants based in USA. Get funding from Nation wide Lenders at Low Interest.

Chargeback Alert Service

Get notifications about Fraud and Chargeback Alerts. reduce Loss and Increase Profits. App Now for Chargeback Alerts.

Risk Mitigation and Risk Reduction

Merchants accepting international transactions are certainly exposed to a bigger risk as they dont get access the card physically. Global Merchants use various fraud alert services to reduce the risk factor. International Payment Gateway providers do perform multiple checks to verify the genuineness of the transaction. Velocity Check, AVS,  2 step authentication (one time password) are few super effective fraud reduction steps.  In today’s global economy our payment processing partners utilise high end security measures to to prevent fraud. Merchants can focus on sales and rest can be handled by the processing company. Offshore Payment processing solutions are reliable and can be used by business owners in almost every nation.

Multi Currency Processing for Merchants.

We can easily assist merchants in accepting payments in multiple currencies. With multi-currency credit card processing businesses can easily expand their global footprint. Cardholders prefer to pay in local currencies. Not every processor can offer this but some can definitely. Accept payments in USD, GBP, Euro, CAD, AUD, Singapore Dollar and many more. Apply now.

Payout Settlements in Local Currency.

Merchants can accept payments in different currencies. Payouts can be made in few select currencies. We are talking about global acquiring. There are many payment service providers with agressive mindset. They acquire local accounts and also expand there footprint by catering to clients from other countries. Apply now for International Merchant Account.

Affordable Rates - Zero Upfront Charges.

Low Risk Rates can be as low as 2%*. Yes that’s correct. The Transaction rate also referred as TDR and MDR depends on multiple factors including the currency, line of business, risk profile of the merchant. Global merchants selling in USA can also use Echeck and ACH. (* The transaction rate is decided after the profile and application analysis)

How to get an International Merchant Account.

Its very simple. All you have to do is send us the application and the KYC document. Once we get the complete set the application set is forwarded to the Payment processor/Merchant Account Acquirer/Bank for approval. After the approval from the underwriting and Risk team the merchant gets to sign the Merchant agreement. Once signed just integrate the api and start .

Some of the above listed nations may not be supported. When Applying with EU based Processing companies merchants  must have an EU Company.

Global Payment Processing for Merchants

International and Domestic Processing at Affordable Rates and Fast Payouts