International Payment Gateway India

Get A Truly Credit Card International Payment Gateway India

Quadrapay is proud to announce the availability of international payment gateway India. Our Credit Card payment processing partners do offer global transaction capabilities to E-Commerce merchants based in India. In this featured article, you will come to know about various aspects involved in choosing the right payment service provider for your international business. With the help of international merchant accounts, companies located in India can easily accept payments from customers located in other parts of the world. It also allows businesses to accept cards of various brands. It does offer not only a better experience to the buyer but also helps the merchant increase the average dollar size and monthly sales volume. Many independent research papers claim that after implementing Credit Card processing solutions, merchants have experienced higher monthly sales volume.

What Are The Features Of International Payment Gateway India

Our processing partners that offers international payment gateway India solutions with the following features:

  • Single Click Payments
  • Accept Over 150 currencies
  • High Success Ratio
  • Online Invoice Generation
  • One Time and Recurring Payments
  • Easy To Use Merchant Interface
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Fast Settlements
  • Simple and Easy Integration.
  • SDK/API/Iframe
  • Built-In Fraud Reduction Tools and Filters
  • Fully Compliant To Payment Industry Standards
  • Ready-Made Plugins
  • Accept Cards, AMPs, ACH and Echecks.

How To Get An International Payment Gateway In India?

Quadrapay can help you in getting an International payment gateway India. As mentioned earlier in this article, we are partners of well-known credit card payment processing companies. Our association and product knowledge help us to align the requirements of the merchant with the correct payment service provider. At this point, we work with various payment gateway companies located in India as well as other countries. Our service providers are fully compliant with the payment industry standards, and they offer cost-effective solutions. No matter if you want to accept payments from India or outside India, there is a considerable possibility that our payment processing partners may help you. To start the application process for an international payment gateway India, fill the contact form. We will contact you and let you know about the available options. Quadrapay will directly connect you with the payment processing company, which will eventually help you to save your time. You can send the application and KYC documents directly to the International Payment Gateway company. You can always call our merchant service helpdesk on +91 9643614168 if you have any queries.

What Are KYC Requirements To Get An International Merchant Account In India?

Before applying for a global payment processing solution that allows you to accept International credit card transactions in India, you must be aware of KYC requirements. Every payment gateway provider will ask you to submit these documents. These usually include the business license, which states the name of the business, location, and registration number. Identification documents of directors. Letter of good standing from the bank or Void check. Utility bill for business as well as for directors. Previous processing statement if available. Any other licenses and documents that may be mandatory for your industry type. You will also have to fill a detailed merchant account application form.

Website Requirements For International Credit Card Processing In India

It would help if you also looked at your website for compliance. Our card processing partners will evaluate all the pages of your site before saying yes or no. They will also check your social media presence. Make sure your website is fully functional before making an application. Incomplete sites do not get approved. Need help with web design call us on +919643614168. All the products and services that you wish to sell through the payment gateway must be on your website with maximum information that you can share. It will also help you in reducing Chargeback and return ratio. It would help if you had a clear and easy to understand shipping policy, as well as the return policy. The terms and conditions on your website should be easy to understand.

For more information on International Payment Gateway India, you can mail us at [email protected].