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Feature rich and cost effective Retail Credit Card Processing POS solutions.

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Maximise sales by offering various payment modes including ACH & APMs.

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Mobile API solution to accepts most payments for in app purchases on popular mobile app platforms.
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Apply Today For A Truly International Payment Gateway In India.

Quadrapay is proud to announce the availability of international payment gateways in India. Our solutions offer global transaction capabilities to eCommerce merchants based in India. With international merchant accounts, companies in India can easily accept payments from customers in other parts of the world. With Truly International Merchant Accounts, Indian Business Owners can experience a very high success ratio and access multiple processing currencies.

Features Of International Payment Gateway Solution In India.

  • Very High Success Ratio. Since most of our solutions are powered by Non-Indian PSPs and Banks, the success ratio is usually very high.
  • Single Click Payments. With this feature, the transaction time frame is reduced. International cardholders can make transactions quickly on Indian sites.
  • Accept Over 50 currencies. Why only accept  single currency when you can accept payments in international currencies also. Get access to over 50 processing currencies with dynamic currency conversion.
  • Online Invoice Generation. Feel free to accept payments from the shopping cart or send an invoice link to the customer.
  • One Time and Recurring Payments. Some Indian businesses require subscription payments from their international clients. Our solutions offer one-time and recurring payment modes.
  • Easy To Use Merchant Interface. A highly user-friendly merchant account interface offers easy visibility of successful and declined transactions. Easy report generation helps merchants with cash flow projection.
  • Simple and Easy Integration. Detailed API and ready-to-use integration plugins help Indian merchants easily integrate websites with the international gateway.
  • Mobile API For IOS and Android Apps. The SDK can be used to add credit card processing capability on Indian apps hosted on the google play store and apple app store.
  • Built-In Fraud Reduction Tools and Filters. Fraud Transactions are proactively reduced to a great extent with built-in fraud reduction tools and filters.
  • Fully Compliant With Payment Industry Standards. All our international payment processing solutions comply with the latest PCI standards.
  • Various Alternative Payment Methods(APM). Merchants from india require international credit card processing, but sometimes they may have specific requirements for alternative payment methods. With our vast connection with international acquiring partners, APM processing is possible.
  • IBAN And European Bank Accounts For Indian Merchants. Some merchants may require IBAN solutions. Indian merchants can now apply to EU-based IBAN providers through Quadrapay. This way, they can quickly receive wire transfers from European clients. Our IBAN provider is licensed in the European Union.
  • Canadian EFT/Interac Payments For Indian Merchants. Quadrapay established a strategic relationship with a Canada-based Interac payment provider. With Interac, Indian merchants can easily accept payments from Canadian customers. Funds are moved from customers’ accounts and settled to merchants’ Indian accounts via a registered Interac payment provider.
  • American ACH and Echeck Solution For Indian Merchants. Suppose the merchant’s target market is the USA. In that case, we can help them with the USA’s most famous alternative payment method: ACH/Echeck. Funds move from the customer account and are held in the account of the registered third-party ACH provider. The provider wires the funds to the merchant per the settlement agreement.
  • APM Payments From Africa. With our extended african partners solution indian merchants can accept payments from various african nations.
  • LATAM APM Payments. Latin America is one of the two high potential markets for indian exporters and merchants. Our LATAM partner provider can assist merchants accept payments from various Latin american nations.

Application Process Of International Merchant Account In India.

To start the application process for an international payment gateway in India, fill out the contact form. We will contact you and let you know about the available options. Our application process has three steps. The essential information is sent to the PSP for pre-approval. If the pre-approval response is positive, then we ask for additional docs. The merchant signs the agreement and starts integration if the account is approved.

Website Requirements For International Credit Card Processing Gateway In India.

It would help if you also looked at your website for compliance. Our card processing partners will evaluate your site’s pages before saying yes or no. They will also check your social media presence. Make sure your website is fully functional before making an application. Incomplete sites do not get approved. All the products and services you wish to sell through the payment gateway must be on your website. It will also help you in reducing the chargeback and return ratio. It would help if you had straightforward, easy-to-understand shipping and return policies. The terms and conditions on your website should be easy to understand.

  • A complete website that clearly explains the business model of the merchant.
  • A clear description of all the products and services listed on the business website
  • Customer care number to be visible on the contact us page.
  • Customer care email address of the Indian company to be visible on the site.
  • SSL certificate on the website
  • Terms, Refund, and Cookie Policy on Website

KYC Requirements For International Credit Card Processing Account In India.

Before applying for a solution that allows you to accept International credit card transactions in India, you must be aware of KYC requirements. Every payment gateway provider will ask you to submit these documents. These usually include the company documents, Identification documents of directors, letters of good standing from the bank or Void check, Utility bills for business, and directors. Previous processing statement if available. Any other licenses and documents that may be mandatory for your industry type. You will also have to fill out a detailed merchant account application form.

  • Detailed List Of KYC For International Payment Gateway In India
    • (Depends on the incorporation type)Certificate of Incorporation of an Indian Private limited company Article of Association Memorandum of Association/ GST/ Goods and service tax registration certificate in India/ Shop and Establishment Act registration in India/ MSME Registration/ Certificate of Incorporation for one person company(OPC)
    • Company PAN Permanent Account Number
    • Cancel the Cheque of the Indian business bank account
    • Utility bill of Indian business owners
    • Utility bill in the name of the Indian company
    • Supplier agreement/Vendor agreement if the business sells tangible products.
    • Website Whois Certificate
    • A previous processing history with any local processor can help the merchant get better transaction fees.

Rates/Monthly Volume Cap/Payout Period Of International Payment Gateway In India.

  • Rates. The transaction fee for an international payment gateway is similar to the costs you will pay for your domestic solution. Of course, the charges will be slightly higher because it involves international transactions and a more elevated risk for the payment service provider. The transaction rate for a low-risk merchant or a general category merchant can be as low as 4 % per transaction. Sometimes even lower than that. The transaction rate can be slightly higher for high-risk industries or merchants considered high risk.
  • Monthly Volume Cap. Most of the time, International processors quickly offer a monthly cap of up to 20,000 US Dollars. If the Indian merchant wants a higher limit, then this can be requested by the processing company. Suppose the merchant profile is excellent, and the chargeback ratio is meager. In that case, the processing company may offer a bigger monthly cap.
  • Settlement period. Since the payment processing company is not located in India, the merchants may not get a speedy payout. Merchants can undoubtedly expect a weekly payout from the payment processing company. Suppose the solution is from a domestic service provided, which means the processor is located in India. In that case, the merchant can sometimes get T+2 or T+3 Payout.

Our association with various offshore payment service providers helps us find the best solution for your India-based business. The payouts are done directly to your Indian business bank account by our processing partners.

FAQ International Merchant Account In India.

Why Indian Merchants May Need An International Payment Gateway?

Many Indian merchants sell to International customers. These merchants require websites and payment gateways to sell their products efficiently to international buyers. By using an International payment gateway, Indian merchants can accept International credit and debit card transactions. Let’s quickly understand why Indian merchants need an International payment gateway.

As mentioned above, many merchants from India sell services and products outside India. They do this because they want to expand their business. A majority of Indian businesses are better positioned to compete in the global market. They efficiently generate sales from different parts of the world, including the United States, Canada, Australia, Germany, and other nations.

To accept payments from these distantly located nations, Indian merchants require International payment gateways. The difference between a local payment gateway and an international payment is that the international payment gateway does allow cross-border credit card and debit card transactions with high success ratio.

What Are The Advantages For Indian Merchants Using International Credit Card Processing.

The most common mode of transaction made available with the International payment gateway for Indian merchants is credit, debit, and card transactions. There are multiple benefits of working with international processors. Most of the time, if you accept orders from the European Union and your payment processor is also located in the European Union. You will experience a better success ratio. Unfortunately, the success ratio is not so high if the processor and the cardholders are located in different regions. This is because of payment service providers’ fraud and risk filtering initiatives. For an entrepreneur in India, every order is important. If a transaction fails, then the customer may visit a different website and try to process the order.

Country-specific payment methods. Like in India, there is NEFT, UPI, and IMPS; similarly, various local modes are prevalent in other nations. International payment gateway companies in the European Union have established relationships with multiple car brands. This relationship is not only with familiar brands but also with local card brands. Let’s take an example of a merchant from India who wants to sell to customers in the United States and Latin America. Suppose the payment gateway company does not associate with local card brands in Latin America and other regions. In that case, the merchant will not be able to sell in those locations. Many customers from Latin America and the European Union prefer local cards. As a business owner, you must consider these factors before signing up for a merchant account.

Most of the time, Indian processors may accept well-known credit cards. Still, they may not accept local cards in Latin America, Japan & China. To expand the reach, merchants can request processors from these distantly located regions to evaluate merchant account or payment gateway applications. Most of the time, these international processors may help the Indian merchant get an international payment gateway. If the merchant starts accepting local cards, then the merchants can expect a better number of sales primarily because, in many countries of the world, people prefer local cards. For example, in India, people prefer Rupay; in China, people prefer China UnionPay. Similarly, in Latin America, there are a lot of other local card brands. As a reasonable and professional business owner, no one would be interested in ignoring the possibility of accepting local cards.

Final Words Regarding International Transaction Acceptance In India

Apart from Indian merchants, businesses from other countries, including countries in the European Union or Countries in Asia like Thailand, the Philippines, and Singapore, can also send their applications to us. We work with a vast range of international payment processing companies. Many payment processing companies require the merchant to have an EU company. It can be easily created online without visiting the European Union. Usually, merchants get the company certificate within three working days. A page on our website discusses how merchants in India can register EU companies without visiting Europe.

We look forward to helping you find a reliable International payment gateway for your India-based business. Apply Today.