International Payment Gateway Nepal

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international payment gateway in nepal by Quadrapay

International Payment Gateway Nepal With Quadrapay

International Payment Gateway Nepal is available for merchants across Nepal. This service is also available for merchants in India, Singapore, and the Philippines. With the International payment gateway business owners in Nepal can accept global payments. It provides massive benefits too small and medium enterprises. Nepal exports a considerable amount of services and handicraft items to International buyers. Nepal is also a popular tourist destination. Travellers from all across the world prefer to visit this beautiful country. Few Industries that can use an International Payment gateway from Nepal are below.

  • Tour operators. These operators arrange sightseeing activities in Nepal. They can accept payments from International Travellers. Travellers get peace of mind as they book the tour before reaching Nepal.
  • Hotels, Motels, and Holiday Homes. Making hotel bookings in a new nation is hard. Travellers visit hotel websites. They make a selection and secure reservations in advance.
  • Software Companies. Many software companies in Nepal sell softwares to customers in the USA, UK, and EU. These companies can take advantage of Global Card and USA echeck gateway.
  • Web Design Companies. Many webs design companies in Nepal create websites for international customers. Some companies even offer SEO and SMO services. These entrepreneurs can take advantage of the global payment gateway.
  • Exporters. Nepal based Exporters can accept USA payments by working with USA ACH Processors.
  • Consultants. Job consultants supply human resources to clients in Gulf and other developed zones. These professionals can use payment gateway for international manpower consultancy.

With payment gateway, businesses can accept credit and debit cards or various brands. Processing company sends remittances to the business bank account of the Nepal company. Based on the business model the payment processing company decides the rates. If processors have declined your application, then you can contact an offshore processor. Our relationship with various global processors helps us in serving businesses in Nepal. We will be happy to send your application to a specific processor that may on-board you. We cater to a vast merchant base in Nepal. Quadrapay will assist you in getting a reliable International payment gateway Nepal. International gateway is available for merchants from all the cities of Nepal. Most prominent cities where merchants can take advantage of payment gateway are.

  • Kathmandu
  • Pokhara
  • Patan
  • Biratnagar
  • Birgunj
  • Dharān Bāzār
  • Bharatpur
  • Janakpur Dham
  • Dhangadhi
  • Butwāl.

Nepal based businesses can use these merchant account solutions without any problems.

Advantages Of International Payment Gateway In Nepal

There are various advantages of using International Payment Gateway in Nepal. You may use the domestic processor for local payments. Still, you cannot ignore the international market and international sales. Developers of many eCommerce websites are software engineers from Nepal. Nepal has the potential of exporting quality services to US, Australia, and Canada. These businesses can accept payments from international buyers. Merchants can use the multi-currency gateway. With the multi-currency gateway, business owners can have separate pricing for separate nations. We have relationships with over 20 processors and aggregators from across the globe. Some of these processors offer services to merchants in a limited number of nations. You’ll be happy to know that few processors provide global acquiring. They are comfortable in onboarding merchants from emerging countries like International Payment Gateway Nepal. Apart from accepting card payments business owners can also receive USA ACH payments. In the later section of this page, you will understand about ACH payment processing in detail. Let ‘s look at some specific advantages of international payment gateway system in Nepal.

  • Fast Approval of the Merchant account. Quick Approval Of International Payment Gateway for Nepal based businesses.
  • Regular settlement by the Payment gateway provider in the Nepal merchants bank account.
  • Complete API Integration help by the technical team.
  • The Control Panel provides excellent merchant account reporting.
  • 3D Secure solutions enable the merchant to accept one time and Subscription payment. Merchant type supported High, Low and Mid Risk.
  • On-boarding time is usually a week. The team looks into all the vital elements before underwriting.
  • After approval the merchant can start integration. They can accept Credit, Debit, and E-check via the International Payment Gateway Nepal.

Rates and Fees Of Online Payment Gateway Nepal

The rates and fees are usually decided after looking at the profile of the applicant. Prices depend on factors like

  • Type of industry
  • Experience of the merchant in payment processing.
  • Type of product or service
  • Largest ticket size
  • Monthly sales volume
  • Location of the merchant
  • Currency required
  • Audit and Underwriting analysis.

To give you a ballpark figure we can say that in most of the cases the rates are usually less than 5% per transaction. The transaction fee may be high for mid and high risk merchants from Nepal. Our team will provide help for International high risk merchant accounts if needed. If you are applying for a payment gateway for the first time, then you will be considered a startup merchant. Startup merchants may be subject to a 5 to 10% rolling reserve. This rolling reserve stays with the processing company for 180 days. This rolling reserve helps the processor in initiating refund in case of disputes. We will review your site so that we can suggest you are a general pricing structure for your industry type. You can send us an email on [email protected].

Services Of Payment Gateway Providers In Nepal

Many Local service providers offer many merchant services to Nepal based businesses. These service providers are adding value to the entire cashless economy. The local payment gateway providers provide acquiring solutions to local businesses. Local companies can accept payments online and at a retail location. To receive payments online, these businesses need an online payment gateway. To accept in-store payments, Nepal based businesses need credit card swiping machines. If you need local processing, then we recommend you to contact any local PSP. Unfortunately, the processing solutions available with us are only for international transactions. These processors may not accept payments from Nepal based card holders.

How To Integrate Payment Gateway System In Nepal

Integration can be comfortable and at times can be tricky. It depends upon many factors. If approved for payment gateway system in Nepal you will get API documentation. The API document will give detailed information about the integration code creation. International payment gateway Nepal providers also offer ready-made plugins. If your website uses well known CMS like WordPress, then the processor may help you with a free plugin. The process of integration of the free plugins is simple. All you have to do is install the plugin on your website. After installing the plug-in, you will need to add details on the plugins setting section. These details are Merchant ID and Secret Code. Processing company will send you a separate email post-approval about these details. After integration, you will be able to accept Credit, Debit and ACH payment online. For credit and debit card payments you will only get API. For ACH and echeck processing you can get a virtual terminal as well. With the virtual terminal, you can accept telephone orders. We will be happy to work hand in hand with you for the integration process.

National Payment Gateway Nepal A Great Vision

As per few sites, Nepal Rastra Bank is about to establish National Payment Gateway Nepal. This will revolutionize the way payment processing happens in Nepal. With services like NEFT, IMPS and RTGS cashless transactions will be accessible. It will also open routes for further evolution of mobile payments. The country may soon experience a massive change in the way business happens. We may see many global mobile payment app companies try their hands in Nepal. Budding fintech brands usually focus on expanding in emerging economies. Emerging economies typically do not present heavy competition. This situation helps small businesses to grow large in a minimal period.

KYC For Online International Payment Gateway In Nepal

For International payment gateway in Nepal, you will have to send an application. You will also have to submit KYC documents. These documents are vital. Please note that all the processors we work with are from outside Nepal. These processors will request the merchant to send the KYC documents. The KYC documents should be in English. If they are not available in English, then you can send translated copies. Please make sure that the translated copies are notarized. Most of the times the KYC documents will include the business license. It is the certification from your local authority that your company is legal. Utility bill for business and owners house. It will help the processing company to ensure that the directors are genuine. National ID and Address proof can be your passport and drivers license. Professionals believe in planning. Make sure that you send your business plan. Please keep your business plan short and simple. The processor may ask for more documentation in case if you sell tangible products. After procedures of verification and approval of international payment gateway Nepal, your Nepal payment gateway will be ready to accept payments online.

International Payment Gateway Nepal: Website Compliance For Nepal Payment Gateway

  • Websites Status. The website must be up and running before you apply for payment gateway in Nepal. Incomplete websites do not excite the underwriters. Underwriters are busy people, and they may decline sites that are not yet complete. Please ensure that the website is ready at the time of application.
  • Website Traffic. Generate some natural traffic for your website. It’s not mandatory, but most underwriters look at the website traffic first. If the traffic on the site is not good enough then this site may not sell a lot. If the site does not sell a lot, then the processor is not going to make good money. If your website has traffic, then it creates a sense of interest in the minds of the underwriters.
  • Data security and transaction encryption are essential in the fintech industry. Your website must have a valid SSL certificate. Please make sure that at the time of application your SSL certificate is valid for more than six months.
  • Products and services should be transparent on your website. Take extra care in putting the details online. Incorrect information on the product page can invite chargebacks and refunds. If you use images to display your product, then try to keep the images as natural as possible. Sometimes over the editing of images can also result in customer dissatisfaction.
  • Proper Refund Policy. The site must have a clear refund policy. The refund policy should be clear and easy to understand.

Once all the compliance are under taken by the business, you can apply for a international payment gateway Nepal to start accepting credit card payments online.

Do I Need PCI Compliance For International Payment Gateway In Nepal

You may not need the PCI compliance certification. The PCI compliance is usually taken care of by the payment service provider. The PSP will offer you a hosted payment page. Card info collection page is on the secure server of the international payment gateway Nepal company. Your customers will not submit the credit card information on your website. They will provide the information on a page that is on the processors server. Processors take care of the PCI compliance, so you do not have to worry about it. If you want to accept card information on your site, then you need certification.

USA ACH Merchant Account For Nepal

A vast number of website developers from Nepal work with customers in the United States. These web developers can use ACH merchant accounts. Many third-party ACH merchant accounts providers onboard merchants from Nepal. With ACH payment processing businesses in Nepal can accept payments from USA customers. There are many benefits of ACH payment processing. The most important one is that it comes with Virtual Terminal for Moto sales.

Payment Gateway For Nepal Based Travel Agents

Nepal Based travel agents can use International payment gateway Nepal. We will be happy to introduce you to our partner processing companies. These companies offer travel merchant accounts to travel companies in Nepal. Travel agents, Hotels, Motels and Holiday homes can use international payment gateways. With International gateways, the entire hospitality industry can achieve better growth. Customers can make the selection of the tour package and make payments online. With echeck payment gateway, merchants can accept payments of up to $2,500 in each transaction. Merchants can also receive recurring payments for subscription-based services.

About Nepal and Its Economy

Nepal is developing very fast. It has a massive need for International Payment Gateway solutions in Nepal. It has a beautiful national flag and a vibrant culture. The Nation has seen enormous growth in the small business segment recently. Nepal Stock Exchange managed by Nepal Stock Exchange Ltd has seen excellent growth. A nation spread across 147,181 sq km. Talented resource of over 29,033,914 people. This nation is soon going to be a great investment destination in Asia. The country recently experienced a massive earthquake but has recovered very fast. People of Nepal speak many languages, but all have one goal that is the success. Our International Payment Gateway Nepal solution works for merchants located in entire Nepali Rashtra.

For more information on International Payment Gateway Nepal, you can mail us at [email protected]

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