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Accept Credit Card Payments Online In Italy

Italy is famous across the globe for high fashion garments. A vast amount of global fashion brands are from Italy. Merchants from different industries use credit card payment processing to accept payments online in Italy. Quadrapay assists merchants in getting reliable Credit Card Processing Solutions for businesses in Italy. These merchant account solutions are safe and cost-effective. Companies in Italy can accept credit card transactions for low and high ticket size. Companies can quickly expand their monthly sales volume by integrating payment gateways on business websites. To stay ahead in the Italian corporate game businesses must use online payment gateways. Italian enterprises have an excellent reputation globally, and that is why all major European Credit Card processing companies are comfortable in evaluating applications from Italy based merchants.

Accept All Major Card Payments

Quadrapay assists Italian merchants in accepting all major credit card brands online. When you give the opportunity to your customer to use credit cards and debit cards of all major brands then the chances of conversion increases. E-commerce merchants from Italy can easily configure the API provided by the payment service provider on their business websites. Gone are the days when business owners were only accepting credit cards of two or three different brands. These days there are multiple credit card brands across the globe. These credit card brands are aggressively marketing their credit cards and debit cards to different issuing banks across Italy and European Union. With the help of Quadrapay, you will be able to accept almost every credit and debit card brand on your business website.

Accept International Cross-Border Payments In Italy

Many businesses in Italy perform trade activities with customers and companies located in other Nations. Many export houses and fashion brands in Italy sell their products to customers in North America, Latin America, and Asian countries. These businesses can utilize International cross-border payment facility to expand their monthly sales volume. If you’re using a payment gateway, the only allows you to accept domestic transactions then you are indeed missing on international opportunities. Most payment processors that Quadrapay works with offer reliable International cross-border payment facility. Italian businesses can receive payments in multi-currency and from different countries. At this point, Italian companies can accept payment from over a hundred nations in over 25 different currencies.

Virtual Terminal Payment Service For Italy

Some businesses in Italy may require a virtual terminal to accept mail order and telephone order. Quadrapay will be happy to assist you in finding a reliable virtual terminal payment service provider for your Italy based business. With a virtual terminal, you can collect the credit card information over the phone and submit the same into the MOTO terminals. Moto can be quite useful for companies that operate sizeable inbound call centers. Let us make it clear that getting a virtual terminal is not easy and payment service providers prefer to offer this option only to reputed and reliable merchants with existing processing history. The processing history of the merchant should reflect very low chargeback to sales ratio. The kind of product the merchant sells and the industry in which the merchant operates also has an impact on the approval of the merchant account.

Transaction Fees For Italian Merchant Accounts

Quadrapay believes that the transaction fee can have a significant impact on the profit and loss statement of any organization. Our team works as your consultant and will help you find the most economical transaction fees for your Italian merchant account. We do not believe in forcing the merchant to pay an exponentially high transaction fee. We believe in helping the merchant with the most economical rates and prices. Most of the times processors will offer an interchange plus pricing model. Sometimes processors may also provide tiered pricing. Startup businesses and experienced businesses in Italy may qualify for interchange plus pricing.

Alternative Payments Methods For Italian Merchants

As mentioned earlier in this article many Italy based merchants sell products and services to International customers. For international sales, businesses can also use various alternative modes of payment processing. Italian merchants performing business activities with customers in the United States of America can also use ACH payment processing facility. Quadrapay works with reliable third-party ACH payment processors in the United States of America. These processors are comfortable in evaluating the applications from Italy based merchants. The best part about ACH payment processing is that it comes with API and Virtual Terminal. With the virtual terminal, you only need to submit the account number, routing number and few other details for the transaction to go through. The processing company can also help you with phone verification and electronic agreements with the buyers. This verification process can reduce the chargeback and refund ratio.

High Risk Payment Gateways In Italy

Some businesses in Italy may require a high risk payment gateway. Financial Institutions in the European Union may consider merchants from specific Industries as high risk merchants. These merchants may be operating in particular Industries that are considered as High-Risk Band industries. Startup merchants or business owners with bad credit score may also be considered as high risk merchants. Merchants who accept a very high monthly sales volume may also require high risk payment gateways in Italy. Our expertise in finding reliable high risk processors for Italy can undoubtedly help. Send us an email on [email protected] with your website URL so that we can get pre-approval.

High Risk Merchants from Italy may be subject to a rolling Reserve of 5% to 10%. Most of the times the payout schedule for a high risk merchant account in Italy come with a delay of 7 to 12 working days. This can be lower for high risk merchants with excellent processing history. If you are looking forward to getting an Italian payment gateway that offers solutions for high risk merchants then send us an application today.

Quadrapay And Credit Card Processors For Italy

Quadrapay works as a reseller for various payment service providers in the European Union. These credit card processors are comfortable in onboarding merchants from the European Union and the European Economic Area. Merchants must comply with the guidelines of the Credit Card processing company and Card brands to maintain the account in good standing for a long term. Most of the times Italian merchants get settlements within 2 to 3 working days. In case if the account is considered high risk, then the payout schedule can be a little bit longer.

Website Compliance For Italian Online Businesses

Website compliance is critical to get payment processing for Italian online businesses. Your website must be complete before you make an application. For the security of the transaction information, your site must have an SSL certificate. All the products that you wish to sell online should have a clear description. You should ensure that the customers get the right information about the product before making the purchase. Proper customer service number, Email address and your business address should be on the contact us page. You should send a confirmation email to the customer right after the order. Your logistics team or shipping team must collect proof of service delivery or product delivery from buyers. Proof of delivery can help you in eliminating a considerable percentage of chargebacks and refund requests.

KYC For Italian Business Owners

Most of the time Italian business owners will have to submit the copies of the business license. The business license should be in the PDF format. Processing companies will also request the merchant to send the identification and address proof of all the directors of the company. If the Italian business sells tangible products, then the processing company will also request suppliers agreement to identify the evidence of the origin of the product. Apart from these, the processing company will also require previous processing statements(If available), Utility bills and a couple of other documents. To ensure proper approval for payment gateways in Italy, you must send all the required KYC documents to the payment service provider. Our team will be happy to respond to your questions regarding KYC documents for payment gateways in Italy.

Chargebacks Alerts And Credit Card Processing For Italian Small Businesses

No matter where the merchant is located chargeback is always a Taboo. Italian merchants can easily reduce chargeback for international sales by using chargeback alerts and notifications services. We suggest businesses to use chargeback alert services with Italy merchant accounts. Credit Card processing in Italy may become extremely easy if you use services like Ethoca.

Chargeback notification will help you to get a notification when the cardholder contacts the card issuer to raise a dispute. You may not get alert all the time, but you will undoubtedly get signals for some transaction disputes. You will have 24 to 72 hours of time to either refund that amount or retain the customer. If you have proper documents about the genuineness of the service or product delivery, then you can also represent your case through chargeback representment process. Italian payment gateway companies can let you know about the process of chargeback representment.

Integration of Electronic Payment System On Website

Most payment gateways that support merchants in Italy offer API documentation. With the help of API documentation, your technical team can easily integrate the payment gateway on your website. If your site complies with PCI DSS guidelines, then the processor may allow you to collect credit card information directly on your website. Most of the time processing companies will offer a hosted payment page to ensure credit card data security. Sometimes processing companies may also provide readymade plugins for popular content management systems like Magento, WordPress, Prestashop, Opencart, and Shopify. To get more detailed information about payment gateways and merchant accounts in Italy we request you to send us an email on [email protected]. Our team will be happy to get you connected with reliable payment gateways and merchants account providers that cater to the needs of Italian businesses. We will also be glad to evaluate your website before we send the same to a processor for pre-approval.