Kratom Echeck Processing

Kratom Verified Echeck Processing

The Kratom industry usually faces critical challenges when it comes to Credit Card processing. There are multiple reasons behind the same. Fortunately, there are still a few alternative modes of payment processing that may be utilised by USA based Kratom merchants. These processing solutions are not as robust as Credit or Debit Card processing. But they certainly offer a mode of payment that can be used for Kratom and Mitragyna Speciosa sales. We are talking about electronic check or echeck. Yes, you heard it right kratom echeck processing can help you to accept payments online easily.

Kratom Echeck processing Rates and Fees

The check processing company will decide on the actual rates after evaluation your risk profile. However here is a tentative rate structure that may help you to easily understand the average rates.

  1. MDR. This is a fixed percentage the company will charge on each transaction. This can be in the range of 2% to 7% depending on various other factors and features.
  2. Per Item fee. The check processor may also charge a fixed $ amount on each transaction. This can range between $1 to $5
  3. Scrub Fee. The gateway implements an advanced system that helps identify bad checks. This features adds a scrub fee and this is usually charged per transaction. Most of the times this will be included in per item fee.

How does kratom echeck processing works?

The solution comes with an API integration option. You can easily connect the echeck processing gateway onto your website. This way, your customers can submit their account number and routing number for payment processing. The Echeck processing company will verify the details on the account before sending it to the processing network. This will help you to reduce bad checks.

This industry is considered high risk by almost every Credit Card processing company. If you are someone selling kratom products and require a robust solution, then you can certainly look at Kratom Echeck Processing. It has similar value like paper check processing. Funds are settled in the bank account of the merchant. Most of the merchants in the United States selling kratom products usually prefer e-check as preferred payment solutions.

Apart from kratom sales, the electronic check solution can also be used for other industries. Some of these verticals are Online pharmacy, SEO, SMO, Consulting, Penny Auction, Skincare, Nutraceuticals, Peptides, Sarms, Online Firearms, Tax consultants, Tech Support, Web Design, online directories, e-magazine, brick and mortar stores, Adult Products, e Cigarettes, EVapors, Collection agencies, Credit Repair, Internet Marketing,.

If you are searching for a reliable solution that will help you to reduce your payment processing stress, then we recommend you to evaluate echeck for Kratom sales. You can send us an email on [email protected], or you can also fill your basic information including your business website on the merchant account application form available on this page. One of our representatives will get back to you within the next 24 hours with the recommendation. Please note we do not charge any upfront fees or application fees. So what are you waiting for. Send us the basic information today and you may be processing in next 2 working days.

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