Lead Generation For Merchant Services

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Lead Generation Like A Pro For Merchant Services.

For any sales professional is vital to collect leads that eventually result in deals. The Merchant service industry is no different. Merchant service representative must grab leads from various sources. In this detailed article, we will talk about multiple channels through which leads can come in.

Two is a company; three is a crowd.

In the world of the internet, some may say that the best way to generate leads is through the world wide web. Based on our understanding a proper lead generation strategy should include traditional as well as modern lead acquisition tactics. There are different ways of generating leads but one should work only on few best methods. Time management is vital so do not waste your time on strategies that kill time and deliver low results. Time is the most expensive element for any organisation. You need to channelise your energy and focus on specific lead generation techniques. Based on your industry, your financial capacity and various other factors you will have to choose the best lead magnets. Let’s look at a couple of popular ways of generating leads for your merchant service business.

Organic Traffic.

You got a business then you must have a website. Regularly drop fresh and relevant content on your website. You can allocate dedicated resources that create content related to your product and industry on regular basis. To do this we advise you to follow timelines and schedules. Many internet marketers claim that timely posting of articles helps site rankings. This approach can help your website become a subject matter expert for merchant services. Eventually, the site of yours will become a knowledge base for people related to your credit card processing industry. This can attract buyers as well as competitors to your site.

Social Media Marketing.

Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn are great platforms to generate leads. You can perform organic activities as well as pay for ads on various social media platforms. Most of the times paid advertising will perform better than organic content on social media sites. Make sure you optimise your ad campaign properly or else it will create a hole in your pocket.

QandA Websites/Forums.

These days people prefer to ask questions on the internet. There are many Merchant Account forums where people ask questions about Credit Card processing. One of your team members can become a regular contributor to these platforms. This effort of your team can certainly help you get a good number of leads from these QandA/Merchant service forums and sites. Please keep in mind that you should not spam these websites as this may hurt your reputation. Sometimes webmasters of these platforms tweet about spammers that abuse these online resources.

Email Marketing.

If you have a legit database where customers have given you the approval to send promotional emails then this can work very effectively. People prefer to subscribe to newsletters that deliver valuable pieces of information. FYI I have subscribed to the newsletters of most of my competitors. This helps us to keep track on the latest trends in the merchant service industry. You follow various guidelines like Can-spam and GDPR.

Bulk SMS.

If you have a database of those customers that have given you the authority to send promotional SMS then you can blast shot text with the hyperlinks to new articles. This way you be able to attract traffic to your landing page. This can also work as repetitive advertising.

Making Phone Calls.

Most of us have already seen the movie Pursuit of Happiness. The movie is based on a real-life story. Will Smith did show excellent time management skills and consistent cold calling efforts. Even in today’s world, you can generate leads by making phone calls. What you need is a database that is scanned through the DNC registry just to make sure that you do not violate regulations. You need to have a strong pitch pretty much like an elevators pitch that converts random individuals into qualified prospects.

As mentioned earlier in this article based on your industry your budget and many other factors you should choose few of the above-mentioned methodologies to attract leads for your merchant services business. Please note that you will not have enough success if you try to grab leads from 100 sources. You will have to fine tune your campaign and eventually find out the most productive ways of generating leads. This will require you to perform testing of every technique and then a deep analysis about the profit of each methodology.

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