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Benefits of QuadraPay services

Lowest processing rate

Fast approval

No setup fees

Many high-risk merchants accepted

Free integration assistance.

Secure and flexible processing.

What is limousine merchant account?

It is a type of business account that is used to accept payments for automobile transportation services. These transportation services are not operated on an established route or regular basis. No merchant offers limousine business owners a solution for payment processing. Searching for a payment processor for these services is difficult. But not anymore, we are happy to announce that QuadraPay is here to help you with your problems. We accept multiple types of payment that includes debit and credit card payment. We provide high-risk merchant account for taxi services also.

Limousine service is a new business due to which many merchants do not accept their application at first due to the risk associated with it. While receiving payments for limo and taxi services, drivers are looking for the best payment processor. Price is one factor to consider, but there are other factors too. The ultimate goal must be to secure processing for the limo and taxi service. We QuadraPay allows all the drivers to accept the debit and credit cards payments on the road. The payments are taken with the help of wireless terminals.

Before choosing any payment processor, consider some factors given below:
1. Security:
Security is the most important thing offered by a credit card processor. Point to point encryption and tokenization technology is an excellent choice for payment. Both techniques help to protect against fraud.
2. ACH payments:
In ACH payment processing, a routing number and bank account number is entered into the virtual terminal. After that, it is transmitted over the ACH network. The whole process is faster and cost-efficient than any payment mode.
3. Reconciliation:
Locating all the sets of reports in one place is important. Most of the payment processors are gateway processors and providers, and it is very rare that the whole transaction is tracked from the starting to end. However, many payment gateways use application programming interface by which anyone can track the information of every transaction.