Linkedin, A Powerful Tool, To Generate Merchant Service Leads.


For any merchant service sales representative it’s vital to generate leads on a regular basis. In today’s world, most of the communication happens through some internet-enabled services. When it comes to B2B communication and B2B lead generation, nothing is better than LinkedIn. LinkedIn can be the most powerful tool for lead generation. Merchant service representatives can generate leads by spending a few hours every week on the LinkedIn website. In this detailed article, we will let you know about how we make a good number of leads from this website. No Matter if you sell Low Risk Merchant Accounts or High Risk Merchant Accounts you need consistent supply of leads. This article and the next few that are in the production pipeline are to help you excel.

Network for Reputation.

That’s right LinkedIn is a social networking platform focused on people from the corporate world. The more extensive your network is, the better it is for you to generate growth. Please keep in mind that just by adding people you are not going to get the best results. You need to make sure that you are adding relevant connections. You should be connected to people who have an excellent reputation in the industry. This process will help you to elevate your brand position. Birds of a feather flock together.

Network For Profit.

Now that you have already established many connections on LinkedIn with influencers and professionals from the merchant service sales industry it’s time to target potential Merchants. This is the time when you need to start posting relevant content that can add value to the merchant’s everyday activity. For any merchant sales representative the best topics can be E-Commerce, Latest trends in The E-Commerce industry, Innovation in the payments industry, Regulations and guidelines of various card schemes. When you post content that directly affects the performance of merchants from a specific sector then naturally you will have more connections.

# is important

Do you know that you can reach thousands of people if you use the correct hash tagging? Whenever you create a post on LinkedIn about a specific industry use hashtag like #merchantaccount #paymentprocessing, #thenameoftheindustry and so on. LinkedIn will automatically give you suggestions about relevant hashtags once you type# on your LinkedIn text input box. Sharing infographics, Podcast, YouTube videos links to your article on your website can also help you to generate quality referral traffic from this business social media website.

Be Personal And Don’t Be Robotic

When you communicate with people on LinkedIn, try to send personalised messages. People hate to get pre-drafted messages that are not personalised for the individual. Before sending messages to any prospect on LinkedIn make sure that you have read the profile of the individual. This will help you to get the requirements of the individual. As a Merchant service representative, you should always focus on problem-solving. Just by looking at him industry you can understand what exactly can be the main pain point of the merchant. If you have the capability of helping the individual in resolving the issue or challenge, then you can indeed establish a long-term relationship.

Appreciate Competitors.

Now, this is our personal opinion. The Merchant service industry is phenomena concerning revenue and the size. If you see that any other merchant service representative who may be your direct or indirect competitor has posted something nice, then there is no harm in appreciating that knowledge. Please note that if the content is valuable, then it will undoubtedly attract much visibility. If you contribute to that content by adding a comment, then there is a huge possibility that people will also find you through the comment trail.

Pro Is Better Than Regular.

We believe that the premium version of LinkedIn subscription can add tremendous benefit to your organisation’s growth. If you are comfortable in spending a small fraction of money, then you should certainly do. This will help you to utilise LinkedIn in a much better way as you will have more features. People whom you connect with will see the premium badge that will help you to create a better and professional image.

This was one article focused on merchant service training we will continue to create more pieces for you so that you can excel in the Merchant services industry. For merchants were looking forward to getting reliable Credit Card processing solutions, they can contact us by sending us an email on [email protected]