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Low-Risk Merchant Account Processing For Small And Large Businesses.

Getting a Low-Risk Merchant account is easy. Our Team will help you get low rates for credit card processing.
Merchant acquirers identify the level of risk before on-boarding any merchant. They do this based on various factors. After analysis of the Merchant’s risk profile, the processor classifies the merchants. Merchants that are classified as low risk enjoy multiple advantages over those that have to use a high risk merchant account. These advantages include lower transaction charges, fast settlements and smooth onboarding.

Credit Score A Less Risk Oriented Payment Gateways

Financial Institutions have capabilities to understand the creditworthiness of applicants. A credit score is an essential factor in determining the risk level of any merchant. If a merchant has an excellent credit score, then he may qualify for a low-risk account. Merchants with a good credit score are usually sound with finances. They can handle future disputes and chargebacks with ease. Merchants with good credit use correct policies in the organisation. It results in great customer satisfaction. It helps to get high retention and least chargebacks. With good credit score, you may get an affordable merchant account within 1 to 2 business days.

Secure Processing For Low Risk Mids.

Pci compliant gateway ensures the secrecy of the confidential card information. Customers can use all major credit and debit cards on the merchants website. 3DS Payment Processing and AVS helps the acquiring banks in lowering the risk of fraud. Quadrapay has a massive connection with many low risk merchant service companies. Our partners can offer these solutions in 100+ nations.

Virtual Terminal With Credit Card processing For Low Risk Merchants

Some of these merchants may want to accept phone orders or telephone orders. USA and EU based businesses with low excellent credit may qualify for VT. The higher the percentage of Moto transactions the higher the risk. The Merchant may have to request the payment service provider to white-list the IP address from which the virtual terminal will be used. It may help in stopping the misuse of the virtual terminal or Moto facility.

ACH and Echeck For Less Risky Merchants

Credit Card processing is an expensive solution then ACH payment processing. If the Merchant has a USA bank account, then he can use ACH payment gateway with low transaction fees. There is no setup fee on ACH payment options for merchants for low risk category. ACH Payment processing solution comes with its virtual terminal. Many credit card processing companies limit and restrict the merchants monthly sales capping. These merchants can put some sales volume on ACH. Echeck Merchant Account or Substitute check can also work for these merchants. USA Merchants can also use Echeck or Substitute check that works as per 21st-century check 21 act. With the solution, the Merchant gets a printed copy of the cheque issued by the payer. This check has the same value as a regular paper check. Merchants can send the check to their bank for clearance. These solutions are incredibly economical and highly reliable.

Integration Is Smooth And Easy

Once you get approved for a Low Risk Merchant Account, then it’s the time for you to incorporate it into your website. There are multiple ways of integrating the merchant account on your site. Here you are few integration options listed.

Hosted Payment Page Integration

This kind of integration is one of the easiest ways to connect the website to the gateway. The Merchant usually has to put a small HTML coding on the site that creates a buy now button. The customer clicks on the Buy Now Button and then sees a 3D secure hosted payment page. This 3D secure payment page collects the credit card information.

API And Plugin Based Integration

With API and plugin-based integration, customers get the opportunity to type in the credit card information on the checkout page. The credit card information is encrypted and securely forwarded to the payment ecosystem. In this kind of integration, the Merchant does not receive the credit card information thus ensures transaction security.

Pay By Email Or Invoice Payment Link

To stay ahead in the game, most of the low risk merchant account providers have started offering pay by email and invoice payment link option. The Merchant generates this link after logging into the motion account panel. The Merchant can quickly send a payment request directly to the registered email address of the customer. The customer can open his email and click on the buy now button and proceed for the transaction.

IVR integration Or IVR payment Gateway Integration

Depending on how comfortable the acquirer is the Merchant may get the IVR payment gateway option as well. With the IVR payment gateway, customers can key in the credit card information on a secure interactive voice response system by using his touch-tone phone.

Chargeback Management And Account Stability

Most of the time low risk merchants hardly encounter over 1% of chargeback. Having said that there might be a possibility that chargeback percentage goes high. If the chargeback ratio goes beyond 1%, then the payment service provider may terminate or suspend the merchant account. This sometimes happens in case of e-commerce Merchants. To maintain a longer life of your credit card processing account, we strongly recommend you to use a chargeback alert and notification service. With these kinds of services, you will be able to reduce your chargeback ratio to a considerable extent. After getting the notifications, you can call the customer and try to resolve the dispute. You as a merchant will be in a better position to coordinate with the customer and try to resolve any conflict. It will eventually help you in retaining more customers and lower down the chargeback ratio.

Talk To Us For Your Processing Requirements

Based on our experience we have seen Low Risk Merchants been categorized as High Risk primarily because they made small errors at the time of applying. When you call quadrapay or send us an email [email protected], then we analyze your business and look at your KYC and application form. In Other words, we Pre-analyse your application and let you know about the challenges that may appear. We also suggest you about the website compliance requirements. Payment processing companies usually do not give a second option to a merchant and also do not allow the same Merchant to apply for the next few months. Contacting us will help you in improving the chances of getting a reliable low Risk Merchant account for your retail and online business. Quadrapay.com experts work with multiple merchants and help them in finding reliable payment processing solutions across the globe. These Merchants are from various Industries including few High Risk industries. As we already have the partner relationship with many payment service providers, we are in a better position to assist you in finding a solution that works for you. Before suggesting a payment service provider, we ask you a few questions that help us to conclude and find an acquirer that suits your need. Our Team can also help you with the integration of the merchant account once one of our preferred processors approve it.

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