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Choose a Low-Risk Merchant Account for Safe and Secure Transactions

Are you looking for a low cost merchant account or a low risk merchant account with the lowest merchant account rates? QuadraPay is here to help. Our highly experienced team offers zero setup charges and can help you get low rates for credit card processing.

Understanding Low Risk Merchant Accounts

Merchant acquirers classify merchants based on various factors to identify the level of risk before onboarding them. Merchants that are classified as low risk enjoy multiple advantages over those that have to use a high-risk merchant account. These advantages include lower transaction charges, fast settlements, and smooth onboarding.

Credit Score and Low Risk Merchant Accounts

A merchant’s credit score is an essential factor in determining the risk level of any merchant. If a merchant has an excellent credit score, then they may qualify for a low risk merchant account. Merchants with a good credit score are usually sound with finances, which results in excellent customer satisfaction, high retention, and fewer chargebacks.

Secure Processing for Low Risk MIDs

PCI compliant gateways ensure the secrecy of the confidential card information. Customers can use all major credit and debit cards on the merchant’s website, and 3DS payment processing and AVS help to lower the risk of fraud. Quadrapay has a massive connection with many low risk merchant service companies, and our partners can offer these solutions in 100+ nations.

Virtual Terminal for Low Risk Merchant Accounts

Some merchants may want to accept phone or telephone orders. USA and EU-based businesses with excellent low credit may qualify for a virtual terminal (VT). The higher the percentage of Moto transactions, the higher the risk. Merchants may have to request the payment service provider to white-list the IP address from which the virtual terminal will be used to prevent misuse.

ACH and Echeck for Low Risk Merchants

Credit card processing is an expensive solution, while ACH payment processing is more affordable. If the merchant has a USA bank account, then they can use the ACH payment gateway with low transaction fees. There is no setup fee on ACH payment options for a low risk merchant account category. Merchants can also use Echeck or Substitute check that works as per 21st-century check 21 act, which is incredibly economical and highly reliable.

Features of Low Risk Merchant Bank Accounts

Integration with low risk merchant accounts is smooth and easy. QuadraPay offers various integration options, including hosted payment page integration, API and plugin-based integration, pay by email or invoice payment link, and IVR integration or IVR payment gateway integration. Additionally, our team can help with chargeback management and account stability to maintain a longer life of your credit card processing.

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