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Payment Gateway In Malaysia – Quadrapay

Quadrapay proudly announces Malaysia payment gateway for startups and mature businesses. We have recently established a business relationship with a well known acquiring institution that is gung-ho about business expansion in Malaysia. Malaysia is one of the fastest growing countries in Asia and is well known as a promising business centre for global businesses. Entrepreneurs from across the world prefer to establish their representative offices in Malaysia. Local companies are also consistently trying to excel in the international market. For global sales, these businesses require payment gateways and merchant accounts in Malaysia. Quadrapay assists businesses in finding cost-effective payment gateway solutions in this country. All the payment gateway solutions that we recommend to companies in Malaysia are fully PCI DSS Compliant. Merchants can get 3D secure payment gateway for their specific requirements. This payment gateway solutions offer a dual level of fraud prevention. These payment processing companies have deployed multiple fraud filters on the payment gateway. These filters help businesses in reducing the fraud ratio. It also helps in lowering the chargeback to sales ratio.

3d Payment Gateway In Malaysia

If you are looking forward to getting a 3d payment gateway in Malaysia, then you should contact Quadrapay. Our relationship with various payment gateway companies across the world can help you in finding a reliable solution for your 3D payment gateway requirements. This kind of solution is for reputed companies with excellent processing history. The history should show negligible chargeback to sales ratio. The integration process is swift. Businesses can easily integrate these gateways on well-known Platforms like Woocommerce, WordPress, Magento, Opencart and Prestashop. The payment processing company will also provide detailed API guidelines. The quadrapay team will be happy to offer free assistance in the integration process. Most of our partner payment processors offer readymade plugins to popular content management systems.

How To Apply For Malaysia Merchant Account

To apply for a Merchant Account in Malaysia, you will have to send us some necessary information. The essential information includes Your name, Email, Business website and the country of registration. We follow a simple process that consists of the pre-approval. We will send the collected information to a payment service provider that will evaluate the possibilities of onboarding your business. After pre-approval, we will ask you to submit the merchant account application and copies of KYC documents. We will send these documents to a payment service provider. The payment gateway companies with its risk and underwriting team will evaluate the exposure and the risk profile of the merchant. After an in-depth analysis of the merchant’s profile, the processor may come back with a positive message. If your account is approved, then the processor will send you a detailed and transparent merchant account agreement. If your account is accepted, then the processor will forward you a merchant account agreement. The contract will mention all the fees, terms and conditions. It is an excellent approach to read all the clauses carefully before signing the merchant account agreement. Be rest assured that the payment processing companies we work with are highly reliable. You can easily verify the genuineness of these PSPs by visiting their business websites. The objective of Quadrapay is to work as an effective bridge between payment service providers and merchants across the globe. Malaysia is one of the most critical markets for us we take extra care of merchants from this territory. To get more details about payment gateways and merchant accounts in Malaysia, please send us an Email on [email protected].

High Risk Payment Gateway In Malaysia

Some businesses and industries may be considered high risk depending upon multiple factors. If the companies profile is high risk, then the chances are that the local banks in Malaysia would say no. Still, there is a massive possibility that licenced High Risk Independent Sales organisation may be interested in onboarding your business type. For high risk merchants in Malaysia we can also assist with online USD check payment processing.

Quadrapay has got expertise in assisting High Risk Merchants from various industries. We will be happy to evaluate the possibilities of helping you with a High Risk payment gateways in Malaysia. Businesses should be aware that High Risk payment gateways come with a price. Most of the times these processors may ask for a setup fee. Sometimes they may deduct the setup fee from the payout. The transaction fee is usually more expensive than low risk accounts. High risk third-party processors will also ask for a rolling reserve that may range between 5 % to 10%. Having said that it’s better to have a processing solution then not to have one.

The Quadrapay team has already made a detailed comparison by analysing many payment processing companies in Malaysia and overseas. After the review, we have identified the best solutions for your business in Malaysia. To get connected to a reliable processing company you can fill the online contact form, or you can also send us any mail on [email protected].


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