Malta Merchant Account

Malta Merchant Account With Multi-Currency Payment Gateway

Our team has established credible partnership with well known payment processing companies in EU. These processing partners offer low cost payment gateways and merchant accounts to Malta based businesses. They are also comfortable in evaluation applications of Startups and merchants with bad credit score. Start accepting payments online with Omni Channel Solution. MOTO/API/Pay By Email. Startups Welcome. Multiple Acquiring Solutions. Interchange Plus Pricing Model For Low Risk Merchants.

Full Stack Payment Processing Solution For Malta

We work with multiple acquiring companies in Europe. Stop paying high transaction fees for Credit/Debit processing.

Low Rates

Work with EU based acquiring companies that are recognised globally. Start saving on your processing charges.

High Uptime

No need to worry about downtime. Our processing partners have maintained high uptime history. Apply now.

Sell Global

Multi currency payment gateway in Malta. Accept international orders. Accept Euro,USD, AUD, CAD and other currencies.

Fraud Prevention

Reduce fraud transaction. Our credit card processing partners for Malta do offer 3DS, AVS and geo Filter enabled solutions.

What Quadrapay Can Offer To Malta Based Merchants.

  • Reliable Europe Based Solutions
  • Feel more comfortable while working with an acquirer from the same zone of operation.

Various Shopping Carts Supported
Easy to integrate plugins available for well known shopping carts like Woocommerce.

Multiple Alternative Mode Of Payments
Offer additional payment options to buyers. Use AMP to convert more sales. Sell more.

Malta Low Risk And High Risk Merchant Accounts

Interchange Plus Pricing Model For Low Risk Malta Based Businesses.

Malta Merchant Account – An Overview If you are looking forward to getting a Maltese merchant account, then you are at the right place our relationship with multiple payment processors across the European Union gives us the advantage to offer you reliable solutions for credit and debit card payment processing.

Our Processing Partners For Malta Merchant Account

We work with well established brands that offer affordable and robust payment processing solutions to merchants from Malta. Our processing partners are also comfortable in on-boarding merchants from nations like UK, Finland, Sweden, Poland, Ireland and Gibraltar.

Types of Maltese Merchant Accounts

Generally, they are two types of merchant accounts. The most common and widely used across the world is the aggregated merchant account. These accounts are easy to get and most of the times merchants from low risk Industries use an aggregated merchant account. The dedicated merchant account is another type of merchant account which is hard to get, but it offers much bigger control over the merchant over the credit card processing account.

How To Get A Merchant Account in Malta

To get a merchant account in Malta, you must have a registered business. You will have to apply to a merchant account acquiring bank or a payment service provider. The application process is simple and easy it starts with an application form. On the application form, the merchant fills all the vital information related to the business and the business model. Along with the application form the merchant is also required to send copies of some way documents. These documents are known as KYC documents in the Merchant processing industry. KYC documents generally include.

  • Business license
  • Cancel cheque of the business bank account or Letter of good standing from any Maltese bank.
  • Utility bill of the business premises.
  • Utility bill in the name of the directors and significant shareholders of the company.
  • Business Bank account statement of the company
  • Business plan
  • Supplier agreement if the merchant is selling tangible products.

In case if it is a High Risk Merchant account application, then additional documents may also be asked by the payment service provider.

High Risk Merchant Account In Malta

Traditional banks refuse to work with merchants from high risk industries. These merchants are referred to as high risk merchants in the payment processing industry. Many payment service providers offer services to merchants in few high risk industries. The rate of the transaction is generally slightly higher than low risk merchant accounts. Financial Institutions charge a higher transaction fee to reduce the credit risk. If you are a high risk merchant in Malta and are looking forward to getting a credit card processing account then you must be prepared to accept rolling reserve as well. Rolling reserve is a fixed percentage that the processing company charges on each transaction. This is also a risk mitigation steps taken by the acquiring institution.

Website Compliance For Merchant Services In Malta

  • If you are selling your products and services on the internet and have a business website, then your business website must comply with the requirements of various card brands. These guidelines a very simple and can be easily implemented on any site.
  • Your website should appear as a professional website that relates to the industry you are in.
  • All the products and services should be mentioned.
  • If you are selling tangible products, then mention all the specifications and details about each SKU.
  • If your product has variations, then mention those details on the product page. These variations may include color, size, and customization.
  • Your website must have clear policies listed. Terms, refund, and cookie policy.
    For European Union websites GDPR compliance policy should also be mentioned.
    Logos of all major credit card brands that you wish to accept should be placed on the website.
  • To ensure the security of transaction information, your website must have SSL certificate.

Apart from the above-mentioned requirements, the payment service provider may request additional elements for you to get a Malta Merchant Account.

International Payment Gateway And Merchant Account For Malta Based Businesses

Malta is a beautiful Mediterranean Island. It is famous across the world for tourism, but it also attracts very high investments in the form of FDI. There are over 200 companies in the manufacturing sectors present in Malta A little over 4000 companies register every year. The highly skilled workforce is a major attraction that pulls International companies to operate from Malta. Recently many fintech Companies have also emerged from Malta.

Companies operating in Malta are expanding their wings by selling products and services to customers located in other parts of European Union. Not only European Union/Eurozone but Malta based companies also sell products and services to customers located in other parts of the world including Canada United States, Australia, and many Asian nations. To cater the international requirement merchants in Malta require International payment gateway and merchant account. A global payment gateway offers credit card acceptance from multiple countries in multiple currencies. There can be a situation where a Malta based company is looking forward to serving customers from Brazil or Chile. In this case, the Malta-based company will require an international payment gateway.

Quadrapay has established relationships with multiple payment processing companies across the globe. These financial Institutions onboard merchants from different countries and also help merchants to accept transactions in different currencies from the various nations. If you’re looking forward to getting a merchant account in Malta for your domestic and international Credit Card processing, then email us on [email protected]

Chargeback Alerts And Notifications For Malta Based Merchants

Every credit card brand offers buyer protection to the cardholders. This buyer protection enables the card holder to raise a dispute in case if the product or service is not as per the commitment of the merchant. If the cardholder contacts the card issuer and raises the disagreement, then the merchants get a chargeback request. In most of the cases, the time frame to resolve the chargeback dispute is very less. To address this issue merchants can also use chargeback alerts and notifications services. With this service, merchants can get alert in near real time and can contact the customer to resolve the dispute. Merchants may initiate a refund or retain the customer. In both the cases, the merchant reduces the possibility of chargebacks. If you want to know more about chargeback alerts and notification and how you can use it for your account, then you can send an email to us on [email protected] We will be happy to let you know about numerous benefits of this service.

Maltese Merchant Account and USA ACH Payment Processing

Many Maltese products are trendy in the United States of America. Customers in the US wish to purchase these products directly from merchants located in Malta. The traditional way to accept payments would be through credit and debit card transactions. The modern approach would be to receive payments by using ACH payment processing. Yes, that is correct there are many third-party ACH payment processing companies in the United States that may be comfortable in onboarding merchants from Malta. Most of the time these solutions come with a virtual terminal which allows merchants to accept ACH Transactions over the phone. To receive ACH transaction, the merchant only needs

  • Account number
  • Routing number
  • And essential details related to the customer.

For ACH transactions the customer does not have to submit the credit card information. No matter if you are a high risk merchant or a Low risk merchant located in Malta if you are looking forward to getting a payment processing solutions that will help you to accept almost every credit and debit card brand on your website then we can certainly try to assist you. We look forward to seeing you accepting credit cards and ACH transactions.

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