Marijuana Dispensary Merchant Account. Is There Any?

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Marijuana Dispensary Merchant Account Why So Rare.

Getting a Marijuana Dispensary Merchant Account is hard. We see many websites claiming to offer such services to the legal marijuana dispensaries across the United States, but when we look at the regulations and guidelines from government agencies for this specific industry, then we conclude that it will still take time for people to get MMJ Merchant Account in the United States. In many states across the US, there are legal marijuana dispensaries. These dispensaries usually utilize cash transactions as the primary mode of payment acceptance. Depending so much on cash transaction creates challenges for people in this industry. Having said that let’s talk about the possibilities of using other modes of payment processing for MMJ, CBD, and Hemp industry.


If your bank allows you to operate a bank account for your MMJ business with the ability to accept checks, then you can use Check22 services. Please keep in mind that we are not talking about ach online payment processing, but we are only talking about substitute checks. Substitute checks have been in use across the United States for many years now. There are two common challenges associated with this mode of payment acceptance.

Bad Checks
High Return Ratio

When merchants use basic substitute check printing software, then it only creates a digital image of the cheque. Merchants take the risk of getting bad checks and check bounce penalty because of insufficient funds.

You can evaluate check 22 solution from Genie Cashbox that comes with robust features. These features can undoubtedly help High-Risk Merchants from various Industries like Legal MMJ dispensaries, Online pharmacies, Legal IPTV Services and High Ticket Merchants. If you are struggling to get Marijuana Merchant services then you must evaluate this option.

Check22 May Replace The Need Of Marijuana Merchant Services

Built-In Account Number Validation. The check 22 solution from Genie Cashbox utilizes a built-in account number validation tool. On each transaction, the system will automatically verify if the account number is correct. If the account number is incorrect, the check will not be printed.

Built-in routing number validation. This feature helps the merchant to validate the routing number. Genie cashbox will check the routing number for integrity.

Check image upload feature. To reduce the possibility of bad checks, the system allows the payer to upload a copy of the regular paper check to the system at the time of echeck creation. This is an optional feature, and the merchant can use this on specific transactions that appear to have a high risk than others. Merchants can cross verify the details on the image of the regular check with the one that is submitted on Echeque transaction.

Amount Availability Verification. The cheque 22 solution from Genie Cashbox has the capability of using the internet bank verification tool. With this tool, merchants can verify if the buyer has sufficient funds in the account to clear the echeck.

Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annually and Annual Billing feature for subscriptions and recurring transactions. Legal Marijuana dispensaries can use the functionality of recurring billing. It means that the system will generate electronic cheque as per the wish of the payer at specified time intervals.

Built-in digital agreement. The built-in digital agreement helps the merchant and the buyer to sign a legally binding agreement. It protects both the parties and also reduces the risk of Chargebacks and Returns.

The Genie Check22 solution creates a PDF copy of the cheque that can be used by the merchant to deposit in his bank account. Most of the times merchants can deposit the cheque through the ATM, Banks Mobile App, Banks Check Scanner or at the Bank Teller. Please note: To use this solution you must have your own business bank account and a proper website. Genie Cashbox reserves the right to reject any application.

Medical Marijuana Merchant Account – Echeck in 5 Minutes

With the Check 22 solution, you will be able to get the PDF copy of the electronic cheque in less than 5 minutes. Customers can validate the transaction by responding to an email or SMS received on the registered email and phone number.

Marijuana Dispensary Merchant Account – With Echeck Virtual Terminal

The Genie Check 22 solution comes with its virtual terminal that allows merchants to accept orders over the phone. Customers can also place orders online. Merchants can create buy now buttons for the business website. The merchant can create multiple Vpos Operators and these operators can have there owned separate logins to the portal.

Is It Really Possible To Get A MMJ Merchant Account For Credit Card Processing?

As per our understanding, this is an excellent alternative to Medical Marijuana Merchant Account that may work for legal Marijuana Dispensaries across the United States. We assume that it will take a long time for people to get Credit Card processing for Legal marijuana sales.


Bankim Chandra
Bankim Chandra
Bankim Chandra is a Merchant Account consultant. He works with merchants globally and helps businesses in getting reliable payment processing solution. He writes extensively on the internet about Payment Gateways, Credit Card Processing, Echeck Processing, Chargeback Alerts, ACH and Business Funding.