Merchant Account for Artist Supply and Craft Stores

Credit Card Processing For Artist Supply And Craft Stores

Art is a great way to be creative and reduce stress. Many people enjoy creating art, and for that, they require art supplies. That creates a massive opportunity for art supply retail store. Quadrapay helps you to open a merchant account for that as well under MCC (Merchant Classification Code) 5970. Your range of stock can include brushes, paints, canvas, notebooks and much more. These items can be sold online or even on your shop. Selling in both ways needs a payment gateway to accept credit card transactions.

Quadrapay provides you with a secured payment gateway from which you can accept several payments from worldwide in several modes without relying on the traditional methods. It only needs a few minutes to setup your account that too, without any fees. Alternate methods like ACH and Echeck that we provide can also be useful for your business.

Different Art Supplies to Sell Under The MCC 5970

  • Graphite Pencils. To sketch a tricky part of the subject before painting it, artists need a reliable set of graphite pencils. Like 2B for general sketching and shading, 6B for creating dark shadows and 4H for lighter shading.
  • Kneaded Erasers. These are soft and flexible, and artists shape it in different ways so they can erase the small details that went wrong in the drawing. They do not leave any mark behind, and artists find it very useful.
  • Drawing Paper/Canvas. An essential thing for sketching or drawing and every artist seeks for it to start its creation.
  • Palette. Another necessary supply that every artist needs to pour their ideas on the canvas or paper. Mixing colours and applying it on the paper starts from here.
  • Brushes. Brushes are the best friends of the artist as their masterpiece remains incomplete without the vibrant colours. Several brushes that you as a merchant can sell to them:
  • Filbert for general painting
  • Flat wash brush
  • Small liner brush
  • Round brush
  • Paint. How can a painter complete its art without paints? There are several paints that you can sell to the artist. You can sell various art supplies to the customer and start your business. You focus on your business of art supply and rest we will manage.

Merchant Services for Art and Craft Supply

  • Quadrapay gives art and craft supply shop owners a payment solution that can accept multiple types of payments.
  • Payments can be accepted from credit card and debit card as we provide POS terminal.
  • Online transactions can occur via net banking.
  • Secure payment gateway keeps all your details safe as security is our main concern.
  • Tools to manage the business properly.
  • Advanced tools that can prevent fraud.
  • Chargeback alerts to expand the life of your payment processing solution.
  • POS terminal to accept payments from credit card, debit card and contactless payments for seamless transactions.
  • Payment gateway will speed up the sales process, and you can also keep track of your sales.

Happy Processing!

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