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Canada High Risk Merchant Account
High Risk Merchant Account Canada
Canada High Risk Merchant Account

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QuadraPay Will Make It Super Easy For You To Get A High Risk Merchant Account In Canada.

Get Canada Merchant Accounts Starting @ 2.9% + 30¢*

Working on ideas to impact people’s lives is what makes you an entrepreneur. We come up with billion-dollar ideas every so often but fail to initiate them. But the one who starts will make an impact. Canada is a country of businesses in North America. It is the second-largest country in the world by area, next to the USA. Thinking to kick start your business in Canada is one of those significant steps. Are you also an entrepreneur looking for an Online Payment Gateway In Canada?

After a grand success of offering High Risk Merchant Accounts in the USA and European market, we now offer High Risk Credit Card Processing solutions in Canada. We can provide excellent credit and debit card acceptance rates with our incredible connections with Canada and offshore-based payment processing firms. There is no need to pull an all-nighter over the internet to find the best high-risk payment processors in Canada. Our team will help you ace in business by keeping the card transaction fees minimal.

With our Canadian high risk credit card merchant account, you not only accept well-known cards but can also accept various APMs. With ACH and Interac, high risk merchants can quickly reduce the cost and offer more payment flexibility to customers. Our Tier 1 Quality card processing solutions use various risk mitigation measures to reduce loss and increase profit. Apply today with QuadraPay to get a credit card processing account. You Are On Your Way To Getting A High Risk Canadian Merchant Accounts At Super Low Rates.

We Are Amped As We Support Multiple Industries With Canadian High Risk Credit Card Processing. QuadraPay has a no discrimination approach and caters to the requirements of merchants from various industries. Many local banks and processing companies may only approve ecommerce accounts. However, with QuadraPay, you can get payment solutions for hard-to-place verticals like Adult, CBD, Cannabis, Gaming and Hemp.

Most Canadian high risk industries are worth over billion dollars in business each year. The Canadian gaming industry is worth over $9bn annually. For Cannabis, the market size is over $6bn. These high risk industries are not shams. All of these industries directly generate thousands of jobs. Our processing channels and partners are of veterans level in high risk acceptance.

Top Of The Line Features Of High Risk Payment Gateway Canada

Our payment gateway solutions come with the latest features that ensure ease of transaction and security. With various inbuilt filters and checks, merchants can rest assured about transactions security.

  • Interchange Model Rates. Most of our high-volume merchants can qualify for the IC++ model. This pricing structure helps merchants get a clear picture of how much they pay on each transaction as per card type. We also have fixed-rate solutions for merchants with low sales volume.
  • Faster Payments. Most merchants with domestic companies in Canada qualify for the T+2 settlement cycle. This helps business owners maintain good cash flow. Please keep in mind that the solution may also require a rolling or fixed reserve in some cases. The rolling reserve is usually a percentage of each transaction kept on hold for 180 days.
  • Mandatory high risk registration. As per the rules of card schemes, some industries require high risk registration. Our acquiring partners work hand in hand with the merchant throughout the registration process.
  • Easy Integration. Our payment solution comes with ready-to-use plugins for various ecommerce site builders. These ready-to-use plugins are the quickest to get this up and running. Many Canadian merchants use platforms like Wix, Shopify, Bigcommerce, WordPress, and Magento.
  • Real-time Transaction Monitoring. With a highly advanced merchant interface, transactions can be easily viewed, and reports can be exported. Merchants can see how many transactions were declined.
  • Multiple MIDs. Yes. We may help you with multiple merchant accounts if your volume is vast. This can help you reduce the load on one account and equally split transaction volume. Typically merchants with over $25K in volume per month prefer this option.
  • Receive Recurring Payments. Recurring Payments are automated digital repayments where you allow your service provider to collect the entire costs from your credit card or bank account periodically.
  • Multi-Cards And Multi-Currency Payment Acceptance: With a payment gateway, you can accept payments from various credit/debit card brands, and you can also accept payments in multiple currencies.
  • User Friendly Check Out Page: Once the user clicks on the pay now page, he will experience a well-designed and secure web page.
  • Transaction Security: The payment gateway is PCI-Compliant which helps to authorize and secure the transaction. Our solution follows PCI-DSS standards to secure credit/debit cards from data theft.
  • Online Fraud Management: This is an inbuilt payment gateway feature that protects you and your customer from fraudulent online activities.
  • Reporting: The payment gateway comes with the reporting dashboard that helps to track your daily, weekly or monthly report. The report can be filtered as per need.
  • Analytics: You can analyze your sales volume to track profit or loss incurred in your business.

There are many payment solutions or services a merchant can opt for. The payment solution somewhat depends on your industry type. Quadrapay can help you with most of the payment solutions you are looking for. Start with the simple online merchant account pro-application. Our team will guide you with all the steps. Apply now to get the advantage of a reliable Canadian high risk credit card processing account.