Merchant Account fоr Cаll Blocking

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Merchant Account fоr Cаll Blocking

Merchant Account Fоr Cаll Blocking With Quadrapay

Quadrapay work with many payment processes across the globe. Payment processors cater to various businesses including Low Mid and High Risk businesses. With the help of a global partnerships with various payment processing companies we can try to find Credit Card Processing Solution for your Call Blocking Device business.

To get a merchant account for call blocking device company please contact us. We can start the application process. You can contact us by using many ways we are available online at You can also email us, chat with us or call us on our phone numbers. Once we get your application then the same will be forwarded to a domestic or Offshore merchant account provider.

Offshore merchant accounts can help you process transactions in different currencies. Most of the Offshore payment gateway providers are comfortable in on-boarding merchants from few High Risk industries.

The approval time frame varies between 2 days to 7 days in most of the cases. Once your account is activated you can easily integrate your website with the payment gateway of the service provider by using the API configuration.

To get fast approval make sure that your website is as per the requirements of the payment service provider. You can ask us to audit the website and we will be happy to let you know what all improvements or modifications may help you to get better approval.

Chargeback Alerts And Notifications

Companies selling call blocking devices experience a much bigger chargeback and return ratio. This is because of high level of dissatisfaction in customers. In case if the customer bought the product and still receives unwanted calls then there may be a possibility that the customer will claim refund. In this case the card holder will call the card issuer and the card Issuer may trigger a chargeback request. High Chargeback ratio can also become the root cause of Merchant account closure or termination. We strongly recommend all merchants to use chargeback alert and notification services.

Merchant selling call blocking devices are considered to be high Risk in nature. This is because there has been many instances of companies that sell call blocking devices using outbound calling techniques to generate sales. Most of the payment service providers do not offer any solution for outbound call centers. It is also a reason for most of the payment service providers are reluctant in offering any payment processing solutions to call blocking device manufacturers and sellers.

If you sell call blocking devices over website where the customer get routed by a search engines and different advertising platforms then you can certainly apply for a high risk merchant account for your call blocking device business. With the Global Payment Gateway solution you can easily accept payments from multiple countries in multiple currencies. The integration is easy and most of the payment service providers will help you with the API documentation. The API documentation can be used to easily connect your website to the payment gateway API URL.

Call blocking devices are extremely popular in countries like United States of America, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. With the Global gateway solution you can easily offer your products to customers located in the above mentioned countries.

Since this is a high risk business the Merchant account providers will certainly put a rolling reserve. This reserve helps the processor to mitigate the risk of charge backs and refunds. Most of the times this ranges between 5% to 10%.

The on-boarding process for a Credit Card processing solution is simple. You send us the application form with the required KYC or KYM documents. Our internal team compiles all the documents together and sends it to the relevant payment service provider.

The underwriting team at the payment service providers office analyses your website, application and the documents. Based on the internal risk guidelines and results of the verification of the documents your account may be approved.

Rate of transaction may be a little bit higher than any other business this is primarily because the possibility of customer dissatisfaction is a little bit higher in this industry. Merchants must display all the terms and conditions on the website including the refund policy.

Businesses selling call blocking devices can also use electronic check or echeck payment gateway to accept payments from USA based customers. There are many Companies selling call blocking devices and most of them use electronic check as a preferred mode of payment for the US based customers

Everyday consumers receive hundreds and thousands of calls from telemarketers. These phone calls are meant for the business expansion of the calling party. Consumers face lot of challenges by getting these calls. There are provisions like the national do not call registry in many countries but sometimes customers also use call management product to reduce the number of unwanted calls.

These call management products are also known as call blocker. It is strongly recommended to use the national do not call registry to avoid promotional calls from telemarketers. These call blocking devices offer additional call management features that include blocking anonymous calls or or blocking a specific area code. These call blocking devices look pretty much like a caller ID that can be easily connected to your wire line or Landline connection.

Most of the times these call blocking devices will not cost any monthly subscription except the cost of the product. It is an additional attachment that is connected to a regular phone line.

How To Connect A Call Blocker To Your Regular Phone Line?

Connecting a call blocking device is extremely easy. Most of the device manufacturers recommend the telephone line to be directly connected to the call blocker. The Call Blocker gives an additional port of RJ11 that allows users to connect a regular phone to the call blocking device.

Modern call blocking devices have back-lit displays and program function

These devices can be easily connected to the Surge protector provided by your Telephone Company. You should always follow the instruction manual that from the call blocking device manufacturer.

Offshore Payment Processing Companies

There any payment service providers across the globe. Some may be located in the country where the merchant is located and some baby located in other countries. Processors that are located outside the jurisdiction where the merchant is located can be termed as Offshore merchant account providers. Most of the payment service providers located in Europe and other parts of the world are more aggressive in on-boarding Merchant from few high risk industry. Of-course they cannot on-board everyone because they have to follow all the local and international Regulation and compliance’s. They certainly on-board most of the business types that are legal to operate across the world.

Bankim Chandra
Bankim Chandra
Bankim Chandra is a Merchant Account consultant. He works with merchants globally and helps businesses in getting reliable payment processing solution. He writes extensively on the internet about Payment Gateways, Credit Card Processing, Echeck Processing, Chargeback Alerts, ACH and Business Funding.