Merchant Account fоr Rеаl Eѕtаtе

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Merchant Account for Real Estate

Merchant Account For Real Estate – An Overview

One of the most important factors influencing the world economy is land. The industry named ‘Real Estate’ has arisen as a magnanimous part of today’s market. Real estate business is buying a piece of land or making construction. Even acquisition of mega mansions and sky high buildings, everything falls under the umbrella term of Real Estate. The technological developments have ensured more growth in this sector. A large part of ‘Real Estate’ industry uses online transactions and E-payments. Quadrapay has expertise in helping merchants in this high risk industry to get the best merchant account for real estate. We are determined to provide best help to our clients.

Why Do You Need A Merchant Account For Real Estate Industry?

Real Estate comprises a large part of every nation’s economy. The market condition of real estate industry directly affects the national economic structure. Most of the large transactions in this industry were earlier done either in cash or via bank transfers, but the scenarios has changed now. The percentage of online transactions using various payment options have increased a lot. To hold and accept the money transferred via online transfers, a merchant must have a merchant account and access to a payment gateway. If you want to have your strong hold in the industry and continue with maximised transactions, you must have a merchant account.

Why Is Real Estate A High Risk Industry?

The flow of business in real estate industry is quite uncertain. Irrespective of the fact that you are buying, selling, brokering or investing in a property or land, real estate has shown unsure profits. We can observe a large amount of instability in people related to this industry. Apart from these facts there are other aspects to it. The malign practices by a few merchants have spoiled the image of real estate industry. Involvement of criminal background and illegal actions of acquiring land has also created a lot of negativity. All these factors have pulled real estate under the high risk industry.

Why Is It Difficult To Get A Merchant Account For High Risk Real Estate Industry?

Many of the industries are termed as high risk industries. Real estate was always considered as one of the main industry in this high risk business segment. We have already discussed the facts and factors responsible for classification of real estate industry as high risk. The financial market also treats this industry segment with a very different approach. Most high risk business. Most of the banks refrain from allocating merchant accounts to the high risk real estate industry. This is because of the strict underwriting guidelines. Even if a domestic bank issues a merchant account to this industry, there is risk of account shutdown. The barring the services and account dissolution is because of irregular flow of money, chargebacks and frauds.

How To Get A Merchant Account For Real Estate Business?

The expansion of the global business and increase in use of digital currency and online markets has changed the scenario now. Most of the transactions in real estate industry are also done online. Different payment options and processors are used to make the payments. There is an old saying, ‘when in Rome do as the Romans do’. Today merchants involved in real estate should adapt themselves to changing market trends. They should also accept online payments. For this purpose they must have an online merchant account.

Earlier the underwriting guidelines were strict and stringent for providing merchant account. The recent developments and change in business outlook has made these guidelines flexible up to a certain level. Now getting a merchant account is not an impossible task, even for high risk businesses. If you provide your domestic banks with genuine documents, decent credit record and good financial base, there are increased chances of getting a merchant account. In case, if you are unable to avail a merchant account from any domestic bank, you can always try with an offshore merchant account provider. Though they do charge more in comparison with domestic acquirers, but you can easily get a merchant account for real estate business. Real estate industry is a high risk industry, it comes with some problems. The offshore acquirers do charge higher interest rates and also keep provisions of rolling reserve and hold periods. has collaborated with the best domestic and offshore merchant account providers. So if you are looking for a merchant account for real estate, we are ready to help you find the most appropriate solution for your business.

What Are Other Guidelines To Get A Merchant Account For Real Estate Business?

There are some prime prerequisite for your application to get a merchant account. These are genuine documents, better credit history and well though business plan portrayal. It doesn’t matter if you are applying to a domestic bank or an offshore one. You have to complete all formalities as per the company guidelines and following federal laws. You should show a progressive and honest business plan under any of the real estate business segment. You should also keep a better credit score to avoid denial of your application. We suggest merchants to stay away from illegal activities, identity theft and criminal activities. You should also negotiate with the acquirer or service provider to get better rates and most services.

There are many service providers that will proclaim to give you the best services. You should do a complete background check of the company and try to reach out to its existing clients to get the most genuine reviews about them. After this you should negotiate with the merchant account provider for competitive prices. Once satisfied, you can step ahead and file the application to get a merchant account for real estate. have done a comprehensive market analysis to figure out the best service providers as per the merchants’ needs. Feel free to reach us anytime to get the help.

How To Maintain The Stability Of A Merchant Account For Real Estate For Long Time?

If you have succeeded in getting a merchant account for real estate, a bigger challenge comes. The next big issue is to maintain that account for long without any restriction and impositions. You should always maintain the money flow in a balanced manner in your online account. The biggest risk for a account is the severe impositions resulting from chargebacks and fraud cases. Thus, a merchant should surely avail the chargeback alert and notification services. This helps the merchant to stay updated about any chargeback filed against him. If you manage your business in an appropriate manner, you can keep your chargeback ratio under the generally prescribed limit of 2%. This will ensure the stability of your account. The Quadrapay high risk industry experts suggest to maintain strong customer relationship. If you have happy and satisfied clientele, there will be less chargebacks.

There are advantages for an already existing merchant in real estate in comparison with a fresh startup. This is because of business history, but well organized steps and perfect guidance can assure maximum profits for them as well. expertly handles the complete procedure of getting a merchant account. We have a rooted network of the best possible service providers for our clients. If you are facing any trouble with your merchant account, payment gateway or online processing, try We assure you for best-in-class results. You can sign up the free application from on or mail us on [email protected]. You can also call us on our helpline number +1 6318321773.

Bankim Chandra
Bankim Chandra
Bankim Chandra is a Merchant Account consultant. He works with merchants globally and helps businesses in getting reliable payment processing solution. He writes extensively on the internet about Payment Gateways, Credit Card Processing, Echeck Processing, Chargeback Alerts, ACH and Business Funding.