Merchant Account for Agricultural Cooperatives

Payment Processing For Agriculture Driven Companies

Agricultural co-op can make use of merchant account. Quadrapay can help you with POS to accept different mode of payments. Also with other services that can help the merchants grow their business. Fast approvals of the account and setup is free and we never entertain any hidden charges. Provide you with the latest tools to prevent fraud. For your safe transactions we provide you with secure payment gateway. Open a high risk merchant account for your business. As business of agricultural cooperative is a high risk business.

Worrying whom to reach?

Quadrapay is here to help you with all the queries. We can help you to reach the heights in your business. We are available 24*7/365 to answer your queries and provide you with the best solutions for your business. Agricultural cooperatives or farmer’s co-op services comes under merchant category code 0763. It is an organization where many small farms work together as a business. They help each other in production and selling the crops. First agricultural cooperatives were created in Europe.

What All Is There In MCC 0763?

  • Farm Management. Farm Management is to combine the factors of production and distribution in the farm. So that the profit can increase with the least cost. Various farm management practices occur to maximise economic returns. These practices also help in the protection of the environment. There are several enterprises that come under farm management such as:
  1. Business Management
  2. Labour Management
  3. Machinery Investments or costs
  4. And others.

To do all these activities you would need an account where you can accept payments from all the modes. Quadrapay can help you to do that, so your business can keep growing and you never lose a customer. Your security for payment is our concern that is why we provide you with a secure payment gateway. We help to set up your account at a very low cost yet we don’t cost you anything for joining us.

  • Services. As we know agriculture is not a one-man job. It’s not necessary that every customer has all the services with him. You as a merchant can help the customer by providing these services. There are several services that you can offer to the farmers:
  1. Soil Preparation Services
  2. Crop Planting and Protection
  3. Crop Harvesting
  4. Crop Preparation Services for Market
  5. Farming via several methods

As a merchant, you provide these services to your customer and make their work easy.
We make your work easy by providing you with several modes to accept payment for those services.

  • Orchards. Orchard management starts with planning and go through to harvest to achieve best marketable yield. It includes orchard establishment, irrigation, nutrition, canopy management and orchard protection. Quadrapay can make it easy for customers to buy these services from you and can pay in several modes. Various credit and debit cards, net banking or mobile payments can go through.
  • Vineyards. Quadrapay has advanced payment solutions for your vineyard business to keep more revenue. You focus on your vineyard while we focus on helping you by updating your payment method. So you can accept payments from worldwide in several modes.

There is no time like Present

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  2. Don’t rely on traditional methods for payment get upgraded with us so you never lose a customer.
  3. Fast and easy setup process.
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