Merchant Account For Carpet And Upholstery Cleaning

Merchant Account For Carpet And Upholstery Cleaning Businesses

  • You would agree to this fact that keeping your place neat, clean and tidy is essential but not everyone wants to do this work by themselves. It creates an opportunity for entrepreneurs like you to start a cleaning business and won’t mind getting their hands dirty.
  • Quadrapay is here helping you to get a merchant account for cleaning business.
  • Quadrapay is in partnership with payment processors in the EU that provide you with a merchant account for your cleaning business under the MCC (Merchant Category Code) 7217.
  • Our partners provide you with all the necessary tools and services that will help you to run your business smoothly.
  • Such as providing you with a secure payment gateway that keeps your account details and customers payment details safe. We make sure that you never lose a customer; hence, we provide you with a POS system that can accept payments in several modes.
  • Our fraud tool provider partners will benefit you by providing you with updated tools that can alert for the chargebacks and prevents fraud.
  • The facility of full web integration so that internet payment processor can work.
  • Alternate payment solutions like Echeck and ACH is also available.
  • Reporting tool interface that will have the details of each transaction that occurs and will lessen your work of writing it down, so that you can focus only on the core business and invest more of your time in that.
  • We have a team of efficient customer care that is ready to answer all your queries at any time.

Reasons To Invest In Quadrapay:

  • Reliable POS System: You would always want that your customers are always satisfied by the services that you provide and you would never want that you don’t have to deny them for at least the payment mode by saying “Oh! We are sorry, but we only accept payments in cash”. Why stick to one payment method? Our partners provide you with POS terminal that can accept payments in several modes. Various credit and debit cards, mobile payments, contactless payments and many others so that you never have to say NO to your customers.
  • Payment Gateway: As security in business is your primary concern, so is ours. Our payment processing partners have kept this in mind, and that is why provide they provide you with a secure payment gateway so that your codes are only yours and your customers’ details stick to them alone and not someone else.
  • Fraud Prevention And Chargeback Alerts: Working so hard to establish your business and even harder to run it. Why would you want that it all goes in vain just because of chargebacks and fraud? Our fraud prevention tools provider will protect your business from frauds and will give you an early alert for the chargebacks. Quadrapay provides you with features like AVS, 3DS that reduces the fraud and minimizes the chances of chargeback extending the age of your payment processor.
  • Lower Rates: Starting a business and establishing it takes much effort, and it includes a considerable investment. We value your money and therefore try to provide the lowest rate possible so that you can generate more revenue from your investment in the business.
  • Reporting tools: You don’t have to worry about every sale that you make. As we provide you with the updated tools that are integrated with your account and keeps track of each sale you make and provide you with complete details of it.
  • Free Account Setup: Wondering if you join us you will have to pay? No, you will not be as our partners only charge for the services when you start your transaction.
  • Fast Approval: You have to fill the form and provide us with the necessary details required for your account and can start your business after getting approval that might take 24 to 48 hours.
  • Availability: Our customer care is available to answer all your queries 24*7/365. We are never tired of your queries and would love to listen to a lot of them. So we can assure you about the safety of your business.

Target Market:

Large Homes:

  • They can require a whole day for cleaning as they have many rooms and would be needing regular services.
  • They would need upholstery service for the furniture they would be having.

Medium Homes:

  • Service here requires depending upon the number of rooms and may require more frequent servicing than large homes as families here share the place that creates the opportunity for you to get more of cleaning services.

Small Homes:

  • As it would have one or two carpet and limited furniture so would require less time to clean up all, and as a merchant, you could approach these homes as well for your services.

Still wondering what all you can add in your business to grow it feel free to contact us so that we can provide you with low – cost solutions. You can email us on [email protected] or connect with us on skype. Our Skype ID is Netcaller. You can also fill the contact form on this page.

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