Merchant Account for Churches

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Merchant Account for Churches

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Merchant Account for Church – An Overview

A lot of churches prefer to use credit Debit and echeck processing solutions. Making donations, tithed or dues by credit or debit card is a great convenience for parishioners and research shows that having the ability to accept credit cards can significantly increase both the frequency and the magnitude of payments.

With a Merchant account Your Church Can:

  • Accept donations from your churches membership over the internet, at your churches website. The merchant company you have chosen will set your website up with a payment gateway. If the Church has a good reputation then the processor may also offer a Virtual Terminal or Moto Account.
  • Swipe debit and credit cards using a credit card terminal.
    A swipe machine allows you to take church member’s cards and swipe them through the terminal, just like in retail store.
  • Process credit cards with a wireless terminal The company will also make available to your church a number of powerful credit and debit card processing solutions that use wireless machines. Wireless POS machines are highly effective. Easy to carry and extremely easy to operate. The terminal is very reasonably priced and a breeze to use.
  • Accept credit cards payments on your smart phone or Iphone. Modern technology now allows you to use your churches merchant account to accept credit cards using a smart phone of Iphone. This gives you the ability to be “mobile” and process cards at church bazaars, church picnics or wherever your churches activities may take you.Another great feature their merchant accounts for churches are that they allow your church to accept “recurring” credit and debit card payments, so church member can set up a plan to make monthly tithes or donations automatically on their cards each year, month or week, as they see fit.

So, What’s Unique About Choosing The Best Merchant Provider For Churches?

  • Majority of merchant account providers, do not ask that your church sign up to a long-term contract where, If you later decide you want to cancel the merchant account, they charge you an early termination fee. Not so with the best merchant companies. It’s month to month, so you can cancel without paying a penalty.
  • Most merchant provider competitors will charge monthly fee, but some best merchant account providers out there won’t charge you a monthly minimum fee so that means if you don’t process a lot each month, you won’t be saddled with a minimum monthly fee.

Perhaps your church already has a merchant account to accept credit card payments? If so, there is a very good chance that the company you have chosen can much lower the fees you are pay each month. Just gives them a call and they will review your present processing statements and prepare a rate plan for you, with savings of as much as 20% or more

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ACH Payments for Churches

Religious organizations and churches all across the United States of America accept payments in the form of donation and contribution. Generous people contribute to churches so that these churches can create better infrastructure and also do better things for the humanity. Churches generally accept payment by credit card. To receive payments they use credit card merchant account. Churches across the United States also use ACH payment processing or ACH payments. There are multiple advantages of ACH payment for churches. Let’s look at a few of them.

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The low Rate of the transaction for ACH payment for churches

Credit Card processing fees are costly these days. Especially when it comes to churches, these payment processing companies consider churches to be high risk as per their internal policies. Because of the high-risk categorization, Credit Card processing companies may charge an extensively high transaction fee. Churches can reduce the cost of the transaction by using ACH payment processing. Churches can use ACH payment processing to accept payments and donations over the phone as well.

Most of the ACH payment processing options available in the United States come with API as well as virtual terminal. With the virtual terminal church representative can collect the Account number, Routing number, address, name, email and other details of the contributor. Then this information can be submitted to the ACH payment processing system. Payment processing company verify the authenticity of the account number, routing number and other details mentioned on the transaction. Most of the time ACH transactions complete within 24 hours.

Churches also get ACH transaction control panel. On this control panel, church representatives can easily monitor the transactions and also initiate refunds.

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The second benefit of using ACH payments for churches is faster onboarding

Most of the time ACH payment processing companies offer the solution in a minor time frame if we compare it to a regular credit card processor. These companies also require fewer documents, and they do not charge a horrendous setup fee. These ACH payment processing companies also support non-profit organizations or NGOs. They also actively support reputed Charity organization.

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The third benefit is the integration of ACH payment gateway for churches

Most of the time churches are maintained by a few sets of individuals. These generous individuals contribute to the church, but unfortunately, they have limited time availability. The integration of an ACH payment gateway may be a lot easier and most of the time ACH payment processing companies support churches in integrating the Gateway on the website. The team at will also be interested in helping churches with the integration process.

To get an ACH payment processing option for your church to send an email on [email protected]. We can offer payment processing solutions to recognized churches in most of the countries. Not only the United States of America but also in the United Kingdom, other parts of the European Union, Countries in Asia, Africa, Latin America. Most of the time if the church sends all the required documents to payment service provider and if the church has excellent reputation then payment service providers offer credit card processing as well as ACH payment processing options.

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