Robust Merchant Account Solutions For Classified AD Listing Websites

Classified Site Merchant Account

Quadrapay is proud to announce that now it offers services to established and growing classified ad listing sites. These ad listing sites provide a platform for businesses to advertise their products and services. A payment gateway with a merchant account can offer ease of payments to the merchant and subscribers. Advanced features like fraud detection and AVS with 3DS merchants can be reset assured that they are working with a secure processor.

Features of Classified Listing Site Merchant Account.

  • Multi-Category Payments. Since these listing sites have various categories, the subscribers can easily subscribe at any page. For this, the merchant needs only one integration.
  • Ready to use plugins. Fast on-boarding is useless if the integration is not fast. This is why our solutions come with ready to use plugins for well-known cms.
  • Easy to Operate Merchant Center. The merchant control panel provides daily statements of orders and refunds. This way, classified site owners can easily visualise the cash-flow.
  • Fast settlements. Our approach is local. This means we try first to find a solution from a local bank or PSP in merchants location. This way merchant pays low fees and may also get fast settlements. If no options are working from local PSPs and Bank, we approach any offshore merchant account provider.

Why Classified Site Merchants Are High Risk

  • CNP Transactions. Since most transactions happen online in eCommerce mode, there is no face to face interaction between merchant and subscriber. This elevates the risk and is one key reason to call a classified site merchant a high-risk merchant.
  • Legal Issues. Since the subscribers are usually free to join, the lack of proper moderation may hit acquiring banks’ reputation. Merchants must ensure that they have measures to monitor and moderate the content that is being loaded.
  • Startups. This line of business attracts many startups hoping to make money from ads and subscriptions; however, this industry is adamant for new tech companies. Established players dominate search engines with thousands of pages. This is why startups hardly rise, and banks also don’t make much money by on-boarding a startup classified site merchant.

Best Approach To Get A Classified Site Merchant Account. Quadrapay Can Help!

  • Make sure that your site has some traffic and ready ADS. Approach us only if your site has at least 50000 unique visitors each month and has at least 5000 ads. With lesser traffic and a lower number of active ads, our banks/PSPs will not see any profits and say no.
  • Maintain hygiene on your site. Make sure that the ads are relevant and do not violate local and international regulations. If your website offers adult listing, then it should only be for adults. Here we have a detailed page about how to get a merchant account for adult content-based sites.
  • Moderate Moderate Moderate. This is a crucial challenge for classified sites. Users can upload images and content that may be the intellectual property of someone else. This kind of IP Rights violation can even take down the domain and put credit card processing company in serious trouble. You must have proof or plan of action for moderation that must be presented with the application.
  • Send all documents and be proactive to send additional needed documents.
  • Respect the terms and don’t go above the maximum ticket size and monthly approved volume capping.

Contact Quadrapay today for your merchant processing requirements. We also offer POS machines for retail locations of Classified site companies in the USA, UK, EU and EEA.

Happy Processing!

Bankim Chandra
Bankim Chandra