Merchant Account For Credit Reporting Agency

Merchant Account For Credit Reporting Agency With Quadrapay

If someone owns or operate a business, several other things are going on in their head in any given day. While they pay attention to their day-to-day operations, things like managing financial aspects of business like credit report are usually left out. They prefer to look out for someone who can take care of these aspects for them so that they can solely focus on their business. It creates an excellent opportunity for people who are looking forward to starting their credit reporting agency or who already work in this credit reporting world can add more businesses to their agency. If you are planning to start an agency for credit reporting, you would need a merchant account to accept payments without any hassle in exchange for the reports you provide them. If you already have an agency, then you could seek to a payment gateway that might offer you more benefits from the current one at lower costs.

Quadrapay is glad to announce that our payment processing partners are providing merchant accounts for such agencies under MCC (Merchant Category Code) 7321.

Features That Our Payment Processing Partners Provide In A Merchant Account

  1. Secure Payment Gateway
  2. Accept Multiple Currencies
  3. Various modes of payment
  4. Lower Rates
  5. Free Account setup
  6. A Real-Time reporting tool
  7. Easy Integration
  8. Chargeback Alerts
  9. Fraud Prevention
  10. Fast Approvals
  11. 24*7 Customer Support

What Is A Credit Reporting Agency?

  • Credit reporting agencies maintain historical credit information on business or individuals. Lenders and many other sources collect the credit report of these individuals or companies and send it to the credit reporting agency. The report includes a credit score that evaluates a consumer’s creditworthiness. Credit worth varies for each individual and business depending upon their credit history. Lenders use this credit score to predict if the customer will be able to pay their debts or not.
  • Credit reporting agencies maintain the credit information, calculate credit scores, provide credit reports depending upon the data provided to them by the lenders.

Benefits of these features in your merchant account for credit reporting agency:

  • What interests you more?

People are visiting your website connecting with you and allowing you to increase your business and help them to raise their business.


People are wondering what it might be risky for them to visit your website as that can lead to the loss of their card details and personal information. You would go with the first option.

  • Our payment processing partners make sure that the payment gateway compiles with PCI-DSS (The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) level 1.
  • So when you accept, process, store credit card information, it all maintains a secure environment and data remains encrypted. Encryption prevents credit and debit card data loss. PCI-DSS also suggests on how to prevent and detect the data loss. Also, provide solutions if any data loss has occurred. Such secure payment gateway will help you as a merchant and even the cardholder. It builds trust among your customers that every time they make a payment on your website, they won’t have to worry about data privacy. It is crucial for your business that your customers consider your website safe.
  • You worked so hard to get the credit history of each customer and make them happy with the fact that your analysis on their credit record will lessen their burden and also help them to increase the business with your solutions.
  • Would you like it if all this customer satisfaction gets ruined just because of payment hassle?To maintain a good impression of your credit reporting agency in the market.
  • Also, to maintain never-ending loop of customers, our payment processing partners provide you with a POS terminal that can accept payments from various credit cards, debit cards and can also accept mobile payments, contactless payments. Customers can also use their E-wallets to pay for their credit reports. You can also use various card machines like a countertop or fixed devices that are fast, easy and reliable to accept payments with a broadband connection.
  • Portable machines that can be carried with you if you have to visit any of your client’s house to brief them about the report and also provide them with additional solutions.
    Wi-fi machines to accept payments with a wi-fi connection.
  • Our payment processing partners not only provide various modes to accept the payment but also benefit you from taking payments in multiple currencies.
  • That means your client can pay in their desired currency which they are most familiar with and you will receive the amount in your account in the money you wish to see. It eases your work by not going to the exchanges to get the currencies converted.
  • We also take care of your budget by providing you with lower rates for your merchant account than our competitors. We offer you the best pricing model for your business.
  • There is no cancellation charge as well, and we provide merchant account services on a month-to-month basis.
  • We negotiate with the current pricing model of the business for existing credit reporting gurus and see if we can meet or beat the price.
  • There is no charge for setting up the account with us; our partners only charge you when transactions start occurring on your merchant account.
  • Choosing Quadrapay as your payment processor will help you as our partners do take care to lessen your burden of maintaining an accounting sheet or credit report details as the inbuilt feature of the processor does that for you.
  • It has a phenomenal dashboard that gives you a brief view of payments, isolated by invoice and customer in real-time. You have the power of full visibility of your transactions and settlements in real-time. Having a smart dashboard like this enables you to keep track of your transaction flow, and it also reports you about the erroneous transactions.
  • Chargebacks and frauds are the most important thing that has to be taken care of if you want to exceed the life of your payment processor. EMV implementation and 3D secured combined with strong customer authentication (SCA), have reduced the losses of lost and stolen cards.
  • Chargebacks and frauds can label your business as a fraudulent or high risk to the bank or card networks, obstructing your image.

Want Fast Approvals For Credit Reporting Agency?

List of documents is all we are asking for so that we can get your merchant account approved:

  1. Merchant Account Application
  2. Suppliers’ Agreements
  3. Photo ID or Passport
  4. Resume or CV
  5. Personal Utility Bill
  6. Business or Marketing Plan
  7. Processing History Minimum of three months
  8. Processing bank
  9. Articles or Memorandum of Association
  10. Personal Bank Reference Letter
  11. Personal Bank Statements a minimum of three months
  12. Business Bank Statements a minimum of three months
  13. Incorporated Documentation
  14. Necessary licenses that are required to start credit report agency.

For further enquiry, you can email us on [email protected]
You can also connect us on Skype; our Skype ID is Netcaller.
We would be glad to solve your queries and assist you in getting a merchant account.

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