Merchant Account For Detective Agencies

Merchant Account For Detective, Protective And Security Agencies

Starting a protective, detective and security agencies takes much effort as you look forward to providing services for protection and security to people. You need to hire a private investigator for your agency to undertake investigatory law services.

Why You Need Merchant Account For Your Detective, Protective and Security Services?

A merchant account is a particular type of bank account or business account that allows businesses to accept online payments. Quadrapay has its payment processing partners in the EU that are providing merchant account for your detective and security services under MCC (Merchant Category Code) 7393. This merchant account gives you the flexibility to accept payments in several methods and from various modes. In return, it will increase customer’s satisfaction and faith not only in the protection and detective services provided by you but also for the hassle-free and secure payment methods.

A payment solution to receive payments from your clients securely and efficiently our payment processing partners have PCI-DSS level 1 security compliance. PCI-DSS reduces the risk of data loss, card theft, stolen cards and many more frauds.

Additional Benefits That Quadrapay Offers For Your Detective And Security Agency:

  • Chargebacks and fraud alerts
  • Advanced reporting tools
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Low processing rates
  • No monthly fees
  • Zero setup fees

Quadrapay provides economical cost payment processing solution that helps to generate more revenue and not difficulties.

You can offer any payment option to your client, be it online payment or payment using digital cash. We are sitting 24/7*365 for your support if you face any difficulty in using any of the features of your payment gateway.

Various Merchant Account-Choose According To Your Requirement:

  1. Swiped or Cardholder Present (CP):
    • Retail Merchants– If you have a physical office for your detective and security services where you offer face-to-face services and consultation. So instead of accepting the payment only in cash, you can avail the facility of swiping cards through point-of-sale (POS) terminal. It will lessen the burden of carrying a massive amount of money for your customers.
    • Wireless/Mobile Payments– In case you are not present at your office or if you visit your client’s place to collect the payment and they are not available at that moment. Still, they will be able to make payment via card in real-time, regardless of the location. They can use eWallets, mobile payments, virtual credit card, smart cards and POS equipment.
  2. Keyed or Cardholder Not Present (CNP):
    • Internet Merchant Account (IMA)– Using an internet merchant account, you can collect payments online and in real-time using a payment gateway.

How To Get Detective And Security Services Merchant Account?

A basic checklist of documents needed for your detective and security services merchant account:

  • A detailed business plan
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Information about business owners and shareholders (They should be physically present in the EU)
  • A detailed description of your service and products.
  • Expected turnover
  • Average sale price
  • Business Bank account details (Bank account should be in the EU)
  • Processing History (if any)

Our payment processor allows you to accept payments in multiple currencies. If you have received a task even from other country and after the completion of the job, they would be paying you in their preferred currency. You don’t worry as our payment processor accepts multiple currencies and deposits it in your account in your common money. It lessens your work of standing in a long line of currency exchange stores.

Increase The Longevity Of Your Business

  • Increasing the longevity of your business means you also need to extend the life of your payment processor. Growth of your payment processor is unaffected by the time you are not getting any disputes but as the payments are online so at times there are chances that customer can claim for a refund for particular service and product if they are not satisfied.
  • To prevent you from those disputes, our payment processor provides you with early chargeback alerts. As credit card networks track your merchant chargeback ratio and there is a set parameter beyond which your payment processor and your merchant account are in danger. Let’s say if the set parameter for chargebacks is 1% and your account has more than that then your business will be categorised as “excessively risky” that will lead to loss of your merchant account.
  • Would you like that? No one wants that that is why our payment processor notifies you when a customer initiates a chargeback so you can issue the refund and resolve the dispute if that request is valid. If a customer raises and dispute and you feel that it’s unnecessary and invalid, then you can let the processor fix it according to the procedure.

Scale Your Business With Quadrapay

  • Start accepting payments online by opening your merchant account with Quadrapay in simple steps. Integration of payment gateway is secure, and there is no hassle of lengthy procedures to sign up in your account.
  • Our advanced reporting tools lessens your work of accounting as it keeps all the track. Every transaction will get monitored, and data will get stored in your system.
  • Get surprised by the fact that we offer so many facilities in a single payment processor and you do not need to install any other software for this. Hence we won’t have any hidden charges for you asking you to pay later for any particular software.
  • We try to offer low processing rates as compared to our competitors by providing you with the best pricing business model if you are planning to start your business.
  • If you already are champion in the race of detective agencies, then we can negotiate the prices with your current payment processing solution and will see if we can beat or meet the current price.

You can email us onĀ [email protected].

You can also connect to us on our Skype ID that is Netcaller.

We will be happy to solve your queries and assist you.

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