Merchant Account for E-Cigarettes

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Merchant Account for E-Cigarettes

High Risk Merchant Account for Ecig and Vape Shops.

Update : Nov 23/2018. We currently are unable to make any recommendations for this industry for card processing. We recommend merchants to evaluate Echeck as an alternative mode of payment processing.

Merchants can also evaluate ACH for this industry

It is becoming extremely challenging to get credit card processing solutions for ecig and vape products.

As per our understanding presently Credit card processing solutions are not available for merchants from this Industries. Most of the domestic acquirers and payment service providers do not like to touch this industry.

Echeck Payment Gateway For Vape Shops

Process echeck payments starting at a rate of 5%*. Yes merchants facing challenges in getting a credit card processing account can certainly take the advantage of Echeck and ACH payment gateway.

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