Merchant Account for E-Cigarettes

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Merchant Account for E-Cigarettes

High Risk Merchant Account for Ecig and Vape Shops.

It is becoming extremely challenging to get credit card processing solutions for combustible nicotine delivery products. Some global payment processing companies may still help Merchants in the e cig and Vape industry.

Credit card processing solutions are still available for merchants from many High Risk Industries. Most of the domestic acquirers and payment service providers do not like to touch this industry. Offshore Merchant account providers have bigger risk appetite and they may offer credit and debit card merchant account.

Rate of Transaction – E cig merchant account – Domestic USA Solution

If the sponsor bank and the merchant are located in USA then the rate of transaction may range between 2.1%* to 6%*.Domestic Solutions may require additional documents and compliance. To get a domestic solution the merchant and the products must comply with the FDA guidelines and regulations.

Offshore E-cig Merchant Services Starting @6.2%*

Offshore solutions are a little bit expensive but they are lot easy to get approved for. Most of the Sponsor banks that offer High Risk Merchant acquiring are located outside the USA. Since a majority of processors are located in EU merchants must comply with the EU regulations and guidelines.

Echeck Payment Gateway For Vape Shops

Process echeck payments starting at a rate of 5%*. Yes merchants facing challenges in getting a credit card processing account can certainly take the advantage of Echeck and ACH payment gateway.

Chargeback Alerts for Ecig and Vape shops.

Get alerts regarding disputes and chargebacks. Extend the life of your e cig and vaporizer merchant account. Payment Processors can also use the chargeback alert solution to extend the life of the Merchant Account.



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