Merchant Account For Football And Soccer Academies

Payment Processing For Soccer Clubs In European Union.

Quadrapay is proud to announce that now Football and Soccer academies from the European Union can take advantage of cost-effective payment processing. One of our EU based Credit Card Processing Partner has recently started accepting applications from sports training vertical. There are hundreds of coaching clubs across EU, and many of these clubs are headed or founded by soccer legends. After attaining an excellent career, these legends want to give there experience back to the game. They wish to train and nurture new talent.

To accomplish this objective, these former footballers establish their own Soccer Training Academies. It is quite common to find young players from the United Kingdom training with experienced coaches in Monaco, France and other parts of the European Union. Our certified merchant account partner offers custom processing solutions to sports entrepreneurs. In this detailed article, you will come to know about what all processing options you can use. You will also come to know about the website compliance and required KYC documents.

Technical Information – Related Merchant Classification Codes

  • 7032 Sporting and Recreational Camps
  • 7941 Commercial Sports, Professional Sports Clubs, Athletic Fields, and Sports Promoters
  • 7992 Public Golf Courses
  • 7997 Membership Clubs (Sports, Recreation, Athletic), Country Clubs, and Private Golf Courses
  • 7999 7999 – Recreation Services (Not Elsewhere Classified)

Football Academy Payment Processing Types

Online Credit Card Processing For Football Clubs

The most popular mode of payment is online Credit and debit card processing. This solution integrates directly with the Academy website, and then the students can make the payment for the training courses. Sports Club, with an excellent reputation, may also get access to a virtual terminal to accept phone orders. Soccer clubs can accept payments for Annual or Half Yearly training program. Some may also accept payments for special football training camps. Most clubs also use merchant accounts to sell training material, Video Courses, and Club Merchandise.

Credit Card Processing Terminal For Football And Soccer Academy

Online processing the most popular modes of payments; still, we cannot ignore face to face payments. Many football clubs prefer to keep card processing terminals at their offices. Our processing partner located in the European Union offers brand new terminals with top of the line features.

Website Compliance For Football Academies

It will help you If your website displays the background of the coaches or the people behind the club. A proper gallery with images and videos is also suggested. The website should be linked to all of your social media pages. Together these factors will help the underwriters to create a positive image about your club. Your website should clearly define the kind of courses you offer with the cost involved. This will help the processing company to evaluate the credit risk. You should also mention the contact details of the club and any registration number if applicable on your business website. Refund Policy and Terms should be easy to understand. For transaction security, the site must use the https protocol. This can be easily achieved by using an SSL certificate. SSL is a mandatory requirement for any online credit card merchant account.

KYC Documents For Football Clubs

The processing company will need copies of a few business documents. In the payment processing industry, we call these documents as KYC. It is an abbreviation of “Know Your Customer.” Some processing companies also call it aa KYM, which means Know Your Merchant. Here is the list of documents that our processing partner will need from you to start the vetting process.

  1. Filled Merchant Account Application Form
  2. Business Registration Certificate
  3. ID and address proof of directors
  4. Void check/Business bank account statement/Letter of good standing from the bank
  5. Utility Bill for the business address and directors residence
  6. Previous processing statement if available.
  7. Any other licenses that may be required to operate in the sports industry.
  8. Any extraordinary achievements and recognition that the founders of the club may have received.

Once you send the application along with the KYC documents to the processing company, they will evaluate it. Based on their analyses, they will share the result. If approved, they will send you the rates. Remember, here you can use your right to negotiate. For registered and reputed football clubs, the application success ratio is on the higher side.

Quadrapay is sincerely looking forward to working with your esteemed organization in helping you find reasonable payment processing solutions. Our processing partner is located in the European Union and has had excellent success ratio when it comes to domestic as well as international transactions. Send us an email on [email protected] or fill the online merchant account pre-application today.

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