Merchant Account for Forex Coaching

Forex trading is becoming extremely popular in many nations. This has created the need for a massive pool of talented forex trainers. If you have expertise in assisting people with forex trading knowledge, then you must have a merchant account and payment gateway for your training services.

Many consultants offer tips about buy and sale techniques. These consultants can provide services to a global base of traders with the help of a global payment gateway. Forex is a high-risk industry, and so almost every associated verticle is also considered high risk. Please keep in mind that you must comply with the requirements and guidelines of your payment gateway company and the merchant account provider.

To apply for a merchant account for your Forex coaching business, we recommend you first to create a website. On your website, you must mention a disclaimer. In this disclaimer, you should indicate that the charges are only for coaching and you do not guarantee any profit or loss to the payer. If you clearly display your business model then the chances of getting a merchant account for forex coaching increases. Sometimes we get applications from a few forex coaches, and when we look at the website, we realize that these websites are not complete yet. Please keep in mind an incomplete website usually does not help merchants in getting a credit card processing solution or a credit card processing account.

When you fill out the application form, then you should be extra cautious with the details mentioned below.

  • Monthly Sales Volume
  • Minimum Ticket Size
  • Maximum Ticket Size
  • Average Ticket Size
  • Number of transactions every month
  • Chargeback Percentage
  • Chargeback Count Per Month

Many applications get rejected because merchants put a very high maximum ticket size or a very high monthly sales volume. You should be as realistic as possible when you are putting these details.

Feel free to send us an email on [email protected] so that we can look at your website and suggest you modifications. Your forex consultancy and training site must have an SSL certificate. If you are already accepting credit card payments, then you must share the payment processing history. It may help you in getting easy approvals and also may help you in getting better rates

To get a merchant account for forex training and consultancy feel free to fill the online merchant account application here.

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