Merchant Account For GIS Services

Payment Solution For Geographic Information System Companies

In the world where navigation solutions are becoming extremely popular day by day, GIS service companies need to accept payments quickly and cost-effectively. Quadrapay is proud to announce that its Merchant Account acquiring partners in Europe, Middle East, India and USA are interested in offering cost-effective credit card payment processing solutions to merchants from this industry.

Geographic Information System Payments Solution

Merchants from this industry can use a credit card processing solution to sell services in the following sub-sectors

  1. GIS Consultation
  2. GIS Analysis Services
  3. GIS Training/Software/App Development
  4. GIS Implementation
  5. GIS Urban Planning
  6. GIS Traffic Monitoring Solutions
  7. Spatial Data Analysis, Extraction And Evaluation

The company must have a website that displays the business model. Our processing partner firms will require all copies of all the KYC documents. These include Company incorporation proof, ID /Address Proof of directors, Bank proof and any other required documents.

Be rest assured we work with top of the line processing companies. They can offer quality services to deserving merchants from across the globe. Please send us an email on [email protected] to get more information about GIS Payment Solutions and Services.

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