Merchant Account For Grease Trap Solutions Providers

Merchant Account For Grease Trap Solutions Providers

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Merchant Account For Grease Trap Solutions Providers

In the restaurant industry people usually face many challenges because of grease and oil. It’s quite common to see drainage pipes being blocked or spreading bad smell because of the deposition of fat and oil. Oil looks good in food, but it certainly does not look attractive in water pipes and sinks/drainage your restaurant. Grease trap solutions can help restaurants in efficiently eliminating the challenges.

Grease trap solution providers can accept payments from the customers through credit and debit card. To receive payments for your grease trap solution business online, you must have a website. Once you have a site, you can approach a Credit Card processing company to evaluate your application. Quadrapay works with multiple payment processing companies across the world, and we specialize in assisting merchants in finding reliable Credit, Debit, ACH and echeck processing solutions.

How To Get An Approved Merchant Account?

To get approved for a merchant account so that you can sell your grease trap solutions/Cleaning Solutions to a broader market you must ensure that your website complies with the requirements of credit card brands.

  • The website must have a phone number, email and contact form through which customers can reach you.
  • Your site must have an SSL certificate that will ensure the confidentiality and security of credit card information being transferred to the processing company.
  • The website must also have important pages that includes Terms, Privacy policy and refund policy we are sure that you understand that your site is one of the most robust sales tool of yours.
  • Your website must be complete. When you apply for a merchant account the underwriters and merchant account providers in the United States of America, European Union, and all other places are always busy. They prefer not to spend much time on applications where the website is not yet complete. You should ensure that your site is complete and reveals the correct business model of yours. If you are selling green cleaners or any equipment that helps restaurants are related businesses in reducing the deposit of Grease, then you should have proper pricing information for all your products and services.

You can also utilize ACH payment processing solutions for your reoccurring billing. Some of your customers may require a regular supply of cleaning solutions. Industrial customers usually prefer to purchase stock on a quarterly or monthly basis if this is the case with you then you can certainly utilize the reoccurring option with ACH payment processing.

Without payment processing, you can also get a virtual terminal that will help you to accept orders over the phone. To start your application for a Credit, Debit, Echeck or ACH payment processing solutions send us an email on [email protected]. You can also fill our online merchant account application form. We will be happy to evaluate your requirements and will suggest you the best payment processing solution for your business.