Merchant Account for Head Shops

Head Shops merchants sell an array of products from tobacco or marijuana-related paraphernalia to music such as vinyl records and clothing. These shops are typically regarded as an underground movement or dark alley shops that everyone knows exist but no one speaks of. They are heavily scrutinized by lawmakers, citizen and banking institutions to the point where certain words are phrases are banned from use within the confines of head shop walls.

Need tobacco merchant services then we can support you only if you are in EU

However, with the increasing popularity of medical marijuana head shops are a booming business and head shop merchants are expanding from retail locations to now include e-commerce. The majority of merchant service providers will not provide head shop merchant accounts because of the type of business and other will Try to offer offshore merchant accounts.

The best option for you is to look out for the best merchant industry that will offer you the best merchant account for your head shop. This industry has extensive experience handling head shop merchant accounts and provides domestic solutions to credit card processing, ACH, Check-21 and e-check processing services. Their head shop merchant account experts are ready to answer all of your questions and walk you through the application process. Just gives them a call for a rate quote if you are a head shop product manufacturer, head shop wholesaler, head shop retailer or head shop e-commerce business and sell any of the heads shop products.

Iѕ It Pоѕѕіblе to Get a Head Shop Merchant Account?


The e-cig and pipe industries are expanding and evolving with better products and improved facilities in head shops that sell kinds of accessories for customers that enjoy tobacco and cannabis. Increasingly, head shops are moving from brick and mortar to the web.

Headshop businesses are considered high risk, Merchants have difficulty finding a payment processor that would be willing to open a merchant account for their head shop business. Fortunately, there are reputable payment processors that specialize in the high risk sector and offer exceptional high risk merchant accounts geared to your high risk business needs.

Get Your Online Head Shop Merchant Account From Any Industry You Have Chosen

Merchant industry has a thorough understanding of the trends and opportunities in the payment processing industry. So, they offer exceptional payment processing solutions that were developed to simplify payment acceptance and increase profits for merchants. Focused on helping merchants get the most out of credit card processing, go out there you will surely find best merchant provider that offers the best head shop merchant account in the industry. They will handle everything you need so to be able to easily accept credit card payments.

More your selected industry is passionate about delivering measurable results and providing its clients with excellent solutions tailored to their business needs. Dedicated to ensuring its solutions are always up to date and in compliance with industry standard, the industry is constantly re-evaluating and updating its software integration. Integrity, quality and customer service are their priorities.

Choosing a merchant industry for your head shop merchant account, you’ll be able to accept all the major credit cards, meaning that more consumers will be able to get access to your business.

Any merchant account provider you choose monitors all merchant accounts 24/7. So, opening a head shop merchant account with any of your preferred choices is simple and hassle-free.

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