Merchant Account For Law Firms

Merchant Account For Law Firms And Attorneys

Being a lawyer, you invest your time and effort to solve your client’s case. When its time for you to get your paychecks, it gets delayed at times because of the payments are done through cash. It can take 40 days, or you might also have to wait for your receivables for several months.

Is it the same pattern that you want to follow for life?

We know you do not want to wait for ages to receive your payment no one wants. That is why Quadrapay has there online payment processing partners available in the EU that are providing a merchant account for attorney’s and law firms under the MCC (Merchant Category Code) 8111 to reduce the pain of accepting your hard-earned money in a hassle freeway.

How can an online payment processor or a merchant account reduce your pain of late paychecks?

  • Our online payment processor allows you to accept payments from anywhere in the world. We provide you with POS equipment that lessens the hassle of accepting payments online. POS equipment has payment accepting features that can accept payments from various modes like a credit card, debit card, smart card, virtual credit card with the help of swipe machines instantly.
  • Accept payments by digital cash, mobile payments and internet banking to increase the transaction flow.
  • Our payment processing partners in the USA also provide an alternate mode of payments that is eChecks through ACH processing.
  • E-check is an electronic representation of paper checks. It is in the same legal framework. It works on the same procedure as the paper check does. Comparatively, eChecks are faster than paper checks; hence, people are adopting more features associated with electronic or online payments rather than following the same old tradition of accepting money.
  • To process all these transactions, your online payment processor requires a secure payment gateway that can carry out the operations securely without breaching the data. That is why our payment processing partners provide your law firm or an individual attorney with a payment gateway that has PCI-DSS level 1 security compliance. This security reduces data loss and frauds.
  • We have a smart processor that ha real-time reporting tool that lessens your accounting hassle. It has Artificial Intelligence (AI) that can suggest the most appropriate payment method depending upon the activity of the customer.
  • All your information is centralised and easily accessible.
  • All online payments are visible on a single platform.
  • It keeps track of all your customers or clients.
  • It schedules all your upcoming payments.
  • It saves the cards for future references.
  • It also updates you with the transaction volume.
  • Get categorised reports of your transaction by year, month, week, day, time.
  • No monthly fees.
  • Zero setup fees.
  • Lowest processing rate for various brands of cards.

Required Documents For Getting A Merchant Account:

  • A Detailed Business plan.
  • Business bank account details that should be within the EU.
  • Expected turnover.
  • Working website and its terms and conditions.
  • Average sale price.
  • A detailed description of your services and products.
  • Complete information about the owners and the partners and they should be physically present in the EU.
  • Bank statements for the recent three months.
  • Processing history if any.
  • Valid Government ID.

Extend Your Payment Processor’s Life :

  • Save your merchant account from getting closed by preventing chargebacks. Our payment processor warns you about the disputes raised by the customers.
  • Chargebacks arise when the customer is not satisfied with the service or product.
  • Or also when there has been an invalid transaction. Processor warns you about these issues so that you can resolve these disputes before the acquirer bank come into the scene. As credit card networks keep track of your chargeback ratio and it should not exceed 1% if they find that your chargeback ratio is more than 1%, then the claim your business as excessive risky and you might lose your merchant account.
  • There is a lot to do with the payment processor to increase the revenue for your business.
  • You can contact us anytime as we are available 24/7 and no matter day or night we are here to help you with your problems and solve your queries.
  • You can email us at [email protected]
  • Or you can connect us on Skype using our skype ID: Netcaller.
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