Merchant Account For Marketing and Advertising

European Credit Card Processing For Marketing and Advertising Companies

Technical Information – Relevant MCC 7331 (Advertising Services)

Marketing is to gain customers and develop on-going relationships with them. The main objective of an organization is to gain profit by supplying products or services to the target audience. Advertising works parallel with marketing by creating campaigns to sell the product of the organization through different ways either by creating flyers, posters, internet banners and other different ways. Online marketing business has a considerable need for a high-risk merchant account. Merchants need to have the same credit card processing services that their clients have to make the payment with a secured payment gateway. You can get several regular credit card processors that might help you, but then you might end up paying them a hefty fee for the account.

Quadrapay is a one-stop solution for all these problems as we help you to open your account free of setup charges in very less time by just providing us with the necessary details that are important for your account. We are in partnership with acquirers in EU that offer you the most secure payment gateways and also don’t have to go through the hassle of filling up dozens of form.

Choosing The Right Credit Card Gateway For Marketing And Advertising Business

After getting approved, you do not have to worry about setting things up or thinking what hardware you should install that will go smooth with your business that can be secured as well.

Quadrapay partners will do that for you.

They will manage free payment gateway integration that allows merchants to sit back and relax and rest. After the process completes, you will be able to place transactions.

You Have A Startup! No Problem-Quadrapay Is There For You!

As we are startup-friendly, we welcome all the new merchants as well to create a merchant account so we can help them to attain the heights they want. We want to see you grow, so we also provide you with the best solutions for your startup. Just ask us what you need for your business, and we will be providing you with that by setting up your account.

Multiple Currency Processing – Single Gateway

Wondering how to receive payment in different currencies as well. We got you!

Quadrapay provides you with a feature of accepting payments in multiple currencies. Currencies in which your customer is comfortable to pay that will fulfil the localized business need, and the received currencies will get credited in your domestic currencies in your business bank account.

Various Payment Modes Including AMPS

We understand that not every customer needs to have the same mode of payment, so Quadrapay offers you to accept payments in all various methods. We help you to accept payments from some of the most popular brands of credit cards and also less known AMPs.

Fair and Affordable Card Processing Transaction Charges

We are never going to charge you for joining us. You can always open an account with us for free of cost and start your business. We believe in long-term partnership over making a quick profit.

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