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Merchant Account For Mushroom Spores And Spawn

The mushroom spore and spawn industry struggles a lot in getting credit card processing. Actually most merchants are rejected and those that are accepted may not be able to retain the account for a long time. This is because mushroom spores can be of different varieties. Some can grow edible and some can grow non edible mushrooms. There is a very thin line between these 2 type of spores and mushrooms. Validating whether the spore is edible requires technical capabilities. Banks and Acquiring companies simple say no to merchants from these vertical. Yes credit card processing solutions for mushroom spores and spawn is not supported by our partners.

So what are the solutions that merchants from mushroom and spores trading industry can use. Lets look at few feasible options. Please note merchants need to ensure that they are not selling any thing that is illegal or damaging to human health.

  • Crypto currency Solution. This is by far the most popular mode that we have seen on 7 out of 10 sitesĀ  in UK.
  • Cash Payments. This is traditional but some industries cant do much about the views of modern payment method regulators.
  • ACH and Echeck/Digital Check. This is a prevalent mode used by marijuana dispensaries in usa . Echeck solution can also work for legal mushroom spore sites.
  • Alternative Methods. There are various alternative methods that can be used however the most needed solution is card processing for this industry.

Bookmark this page and in future if our processing partners open up to the industry then you will get to know about the same.

Bankim Chandra
Bankim Chandra