Merchant Account For Photographic Studios

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Merchant Account For Photographic Studios

Merchant Account For Photographic Studios With Quadrapay

  • Quadrapay is happy to announce that our payment processing partners in the EU are providing merchant account for photographic studios under the MCC (Merchant Category Code) 7221.
  • We try to provide you with all the services that can give a boost to your business.
  • We make sure that you can accept payments from various credit and debit cards, mobile payments, contactless payments and many more.
  • We provide security to your business and the transactions with a secure payment gateway so that your customers can have trust in you.
  • We got you covered from frauds and chargebacks as our fraud tool providers bestow the tools that can give early alerts for chargeback and also prevent frauds.
  • Setting up an account with us is free, and we try to offer you the lowest rate possible for your business as we want you to generate more revenue from the investments you made for your venture.
  • Echecks(Electronic Check Processing) and ACH (Automated Clearing House) are the alternate payment solutions that we offer to move funds from one bank account to another.

What is Photographic Studio?

Photographic Studio is a workplace to develop and duplicate photographs. People who do the business of photography have a studio to exhibit their piece of art, and they also use it as a photo studio to take pictures where they have dark rooms, storage space, and a display room.

How Can Quadrapay Benefit You In Your Photography Business?

  • Accept all payment modes

Clicking a picture, just the way your customer asked for makes them happy, and this brings them back to you every time they need to capture precious moments of their life. Now think of a situation where your customer is happy with your photographs but not with your other services like accepting payment. Why trouble your customers by asking them to pay in the same old method when there are a lot different modes of payments are there. Just like the techniques in photography has evolved from using flash powder for the lightning to advance camera lenses, you should also upgrade your payment mode from tradition way to advanced mode to attract more customers. Quadrapay provides you with a POS system that accepts payment from various credit cards and debit cards, contactless payments, mobile payments and many others so that you never lose a customer.

  • Sturdy Security

Quadrapay provides you with PCI-DSS(The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) Level 1 compliance to ensure that when you accept, process, store or transmit credit card information, maintain a secure environment. It reduces the debit and credit card data loss. PCI-DSS suggests that how data loss can get prevented, detected, and what to do if any data loss has occurred. It will help both the merchant and the cardholder. It builds trust among your customers that every time they make a payment on your website, they won’t have to worry about data being leaked. It is crucial for your business that your customers consider your website safe.

  • Fraud and Chargeback Assist

Let’s understand about Fraud and Chargeback that can hamper your business growth. According to the reports of nets, card fraud is one of the most captivating aspects of the payments industry. Though EMV implementation and 3D secured combined with strong customer authentication (SCA), have reduced the losses of lost and stolen cards.
A chargeback is a dispute against a particular transaction raised by the cardholder and reported to their card issuing bank. It can label your business as a fraudulent or high risk to the bank or card networks, obstructing your image.
These both activities will affect your business in a way that will retard the growth of your business.
Quadrapay’s fraud tool providers help you to increase the life of your payment processor by the tools that will give you an early alert for the chargebacks and will prevent fraud from occurring.

  • Soften Rates

Choosing the wrong merchant service provider can be expensive, which is why Quadrapay offers you services with transparent and competitive pricing. We offer you the best pricing model for your business. We provide merchant account services on a month-to-month basis and do not charge a cancellation fee. If you already have a pricing model for your business, then we can negotiate with you to see if we can meet or beat your current pricing. We do not charge payment gateway or account setup fees.

  • Reporting Tools

Worried about creating and modifying customer’s profile, harmonize payment data, set billing schedules and chargeback history?

Quadrapay provides you with reporting tools with features like:

  1. Scheduled reports to offer a variety of information.
  2. Summary of disputed transactions.
  3. Process credit transaction requests.
  4. You can view transaction for a specific date range.
  5. Online access to your transactions.
  • Fast Approvals

Necessary details are needed to get your approval for the merchant account. List of some documents required for the KYC:

  1. Financial Statements
  2. Past Processing History that should have several transactions, total transaction volume, number of refunds, total refund volume, number of chargebacks and total chargeback volume.
  3. Your business plan and infrastructure should be in your mind.

Please provide us with these details so that we can proceed further and get your account approved so that your venture could begin soon.

  • Our Presence

We continuously try to keep our customer service at the highest level. Please feel free to contact us via email [email protected], or you can also contact us on skype. Our Skype Id is Netcaller. Contact us by calling in at our call centre if you have any query or questions, and customer care executives will try to resolve those.

Photography Genres Included In The MCC(Merchant Category Code) 7221:

  • Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is one time shot mostly, and you don’t get another chance to shoot the same portrait.
A wedding photographer should be quick on their feet so that he grabs all the precious moments of the ceremony. As for married couples, the emotional retreat they find in the portraits of their marriage is just awe. Be it memories of fighting together or just some nostalgia marriage photographer make it happen and make them closest to find the lost memories.

  • Event Photography

Event photography is a zestful and expeditiously way of earning with your camera. Event photographers work in a variety of settings like wild photography, concerts, corporate, birthdays’ and many more. No matter what event it is, but if you do event photography, it will help to boost the revenue for your business.

  • Portrait Photography

Clicking a photograph that captures their personality and emotions is not an easy task. You can offer your services to click the pictures of almost every phase of life like newborn and maternity, school photographs, college photos and general family photos. You can also offer your services to the aspiring and professional models who are always in need of updating their portfolio to be marketed in an agency or job.

  • Pet Photography

If you love animals and love to capture their emotions and their unusual activities that bring a smile on your face, then pet photography is the perfect job for you.

There are several types of photography from which you can earn money and grow your business like aerial photography, sports photography, product photography, stock photography, scientific photography and many more. It is not possible to compile them all.
You need to find out the path that you want to master and generate revenue from that and accordingly need to open your photography studio or if you already a photograph pro then need to enhance your business with adding some more photography services for your customers.

Bankim Chandra
Bankim Chandra
Bankim Chandra is a Merchant Account consultant. He works with merchants globally and helps businesses in getting reliable payment processing solution. He writes extensively on the internet about Payment Gateways, Credit Card Processing, Echeck Processing, Chargeback Alerts, ACH and Business Funding.