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Merchant Account For Public Relations Firm With Quadrapay

Quadrapay offers a vast range of merchant account for several types of businesses. We have our payment processing partners in the EU that provide various kinds of merchant account, including online payment processing for public relations, consultation and management firms under the MCC (Merchant Category Code) 7392. It gives the ability to accept payments online for merchants that provide counselling and assistance to the management of private, non-profit and public organizations.
Quadrapay’s payment processing partners provide you with a payment solution to receive payments from your clients securely and efficiently. With the help of this payment solution, you can observe the flexibility in payment that in turn, increases the revenue for your firm. They are keeping in mind the security of your merchant account and your client’s payment details our partners have compiled the payment gateway with PCI-DSS level 1 protection. It reduces the risk of data loss, card theft, stolen cards and many more.
Our payment processor has an open payment platform collecting omnichannel payments data for fraud prevention.

Open payment platforms have several characteristics, such as:

  • Payment processed by ATM, POS/MPOS, Smart POS, mobile-in-store, in-app.
  • End-to-end payment processing of cards.
  • It also has the latest payment security like 3D-secure 2.0+, EMV tokenisation.
  • It supports real-time authentication.
  • Supports geo-blocking and channel-blocking for the restricted regional use of payment services to control fraud.
  • Supports digital identity to secure online payments.

Additional Benefits Of Having Quadrapay For Your Public Relations, Consultation And Management Firm:

  • Zero Fees for setup.
  • No Monthly Fees.
  • Low Processing Rates.
  • 24/7 Customer Service.
  • Advanced Reporting Tools
  • Chargebacks and Fraud Alerts.

You can process various payment brands with the lowest processing rates. Our payment processor provides you with the flexibility to accept payments from several credit cards, debit cards. Also, from eWallets, mobile payments, virtual credit cards, smart cards, eChecks with ACH processing, card not present (CNP) processing and POS equipment all these methods are supported by our payment processor. It is a pride for us that the payment processing solution or the payment gateway that we provide to you is reliable, secure and efficient. You might get surprised with several features that we provide in one payment processor, but you will never be surprised with the hidden fees as there are no hidden charges. Whatever payment option you offer to your client, even if its online payment or the client wants to pay by his eWallet. We back up all your payments by 24/7 technical support. In case you face any trouble using any feature you can call us anytime as our public relations online payment processing services are supported by an efficient customer service that is available 24/7*365.

Accept Payments From Cards At Lower Rate:

We offer you a POS terminal that is affordable and user-friendly. Point-of-sale equipment that we provide helps you to complete seamless transactions. It also speeds up the sales process, take orders easily and track sales to ease your work, helping you to focus on your PR campaigns.
Either you want to accept payments over the phone or in-person this POS terminal allows you to do all.

Looking For More Flexible Ways To Accept Payments For Your Public Relations Firm:

Our payment processing partners in the USA offer alternate ways of payments like eCheck through ACH processing. An eCheck is an electronic version of a paper check. It is based on the same legal framework and contains the same information as a paper check. It works the same as the paper check only difference is that eChecks are faster than Normal paper check.

Is it possible to extend the Payment Processor’s Life?

Yes, it is possible to extend your payment processor’s life by reducing the number of chargebacks. Our payment processor helps you with providing chargeback alerts and frauds. Providing an early warning for the chargebacks and resolving it ensures the longevity of your business. As credit card networks track your merchant account chargeback ratio. Chargeback ratio should be less than 1%, and it goes beyond this then your business gets categorised as “excessively risky” that leads to loss of your merchant account.
Would you like that?
Of course no, that is why our payment processor notifies you when a customer initiates a chargeback. If you feel its a valid request, then you can issue the refund or resolve the issue before acquiring banks come into the scene. If the request is invalid, then you can wait for the processor to fix it accordingly through the procedure.

How To Get A Public Relations, Consultation, Management Firms Merchant Account?

  • The EU business bank account.
  • Your business plan.
  • Previous merchant account details if any.

Every service that is offered by Quadrapay is backed up by 24/7*365 customer service. No matter day or night we here ensure that you can count on a reliable payment processing solutions for your ever-growing business.