Skill Gaming Merchant Account With Credit Debit Card Processing By Quadrapay

Merchant Account For Skill Gaming

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Skill Gaming Merchant Account With Credit Debit Card Processing

Relevent MCC 7994

Skill gaming is based on mental or physical abilities. Participants already have the skills all they are doing is mastering it by playing, and in return, they win many prizes that can be real cash or non-cash prizes. For that, a gaming merchant who is offering these services need to have an account and a secure payment platform. Merchants need to have to keep in mind about these facilities as well.

So we Quadrapay is glad to announce that our payment processing partners in EU are offering online gaming merchant accounts. Platform by which you can provide a vast choice of payment methods so that users can pay or can receive the win amount by their prefered method. We have also covered you with chargeback and fraud prevention in case if any player claims that he has not created the account or if he is not winning anything while playing. The Partners of Quadrapay ensure consistent transaction flow without any declination.

We value long-drawn partnerships over making a quick-profit hence, we will minimize your processing fee, no hidden charges and no hassle for creating an account. We ensure that your business costs get reduced and revenues increased by providing in-game credit card purchases that are completely secure by our payment gateway.

Accepted Gaming Sectors Under MCC 7994

  1. Arcade Games
  2. Word Games
  3. Trivia Games
  4. Card Games
  5. Puzzle Games
  6. Video Game
  7. E Sport
  8. Fantasy Sports
  9. Fantasy Games
  10. Math Games
  11. Typing Games
  12. Logic And Concentration Games
  13. Tap Games
  14. Number Games

Why is Quadrapay Wholesome?

  • Support free trial business modules. We understand your needs as its a new business and its a crucial phase we won’t be charging you any fees for opening an account as setup charge.
  • Maximum Payment Options. Quadrapay partners process all modes of electronic payment, including all debit or credit card, AMPs. You are mostly covered against the chargebacks and fraud transaction as they offer chargeback alert services as well.
  • 100+ Currencies. Fulfill localized buying experience and let your customers make the payments in the currency they are most familiar with.
  • Chargeback and Fraud Prevention. Though we understand it’s not gambling but still if any player claims a chargeback for not winning anything or of not making any account on online gaming platform, we are there with powerful risk management tools.
  • Full Reporting Interface. Payments made by the player or winnings credited in their account has to be accounted for that Quadrapay partners provide you with comprehensive reporting interface, so you don’t have to go through any hassle of keeping records and all the transactions remain transparent.

    As Alan Mulally said, – ‘Transparency is so important in business’.

  • No Reminders Needed. You do not have to worry about missing a payment as Quadrapay partners manage one-time payment and recurring bills so the player can auto-pay on set schedule with automatic electronic invoicing. The player would not have to set a specific reminder for that, we have done that for you to bring ease in your business, so you don’t go missing on any of your payments.
  • Efficient Customer Service. Quadrapay has 24*7/365 customer service for you to interact with us whenever and however you want. We would be glad to solve your queries and satisfy you with our services.
  • Time is Money. We value your time and your business; that is why we do not take much of your time to create your account and to approve it. You have to fill a single form with basic details of yours necessary to open your account.

These Skill gaming businesses must have a high-risk merchant account to make sure that the consumers have no problem with the payment. Quadrapay has startup-friendly options that will give a boost to your business for sure. Start accepting payments from world-wide in several modes direct in your account that too hassle-free and without any extra charges by setting up your account without any fees and no hidden charges. We are here to help you attain the desired business of yours with complete transparency and would welcome all your queries to help you grow.