Merchant account for Tech Support in The UK

Merchant Account for Tech Support in the UK

The United Kingdom is a home to people from multiple religions and ethnicity. It is a truly multicultural country with its capital at London. The different constituent parts of the United Kingdom are England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. With the normal GDP standing at 2.63 trillion that is fifth in the world this country is set to become one of the most promising locations for tech support merchants. The average per capita income in this country stands at $40,096 that is nineteenth in the world. The national currency is pound sterling.

Tech support companies operating in the United Kingdom do offer PC related services to consumers as well as businesses. These companies do offer proactive support to customers facing technical issues with Computers, Laptops, Desktops and other computing devices. These companies do offer Onsite and Remote Support services

Onsite PC Tech Support

In this mode of Tech support, the company representative visits the premises of the customer to fix the technical issue. Companies that are offering technical support or PC support in the United Kingdom are aggressively getting into this mode. This mode of service helps the customer in resolving those issues that can’t be resolved in offline mode or remote mode.

Remote PC Support Services

These merchants provide PC Support by utilizing different remote connection software. When the customer experiences any problem they called toll free number which they generally found for any of the well-known search engines like google and bing. The representative understands the problem and informs the customer about the pricing and the time frame required to fix the problem. Once the technical challenges are fixed then the customer pays for the support.

The tech support merchants located in the United Kingdom must have a registered company and a business bank account in anywhere in the UK. The website must have all the plans and services listed including the time frame of the subscription. We advise the tech support merchants to offer services at a lower ticket size and also utilize the reoccurring or subscription model.

Once the sale is complete the merchant should always send a confirmation email to the customer stating the descriptor. This helps the merchant to avoid any friendly chargeback. We also recommend all the merchants should have regular communication with the customer to make sure that the services are delivered properly and the customer is not experiencing any technical problem with the PC, laptop or any computing devices.

The remote PC support merchants located in the United Kingdom can utilize the chargeback alert services which gives a great window of opportunity to the merchant to resolve any billing issue with the customer.

The Different Modes Of Payment Processing Solutions Available In The United Kingdom At This Point In Time Are Listed Below:

  • Credit Debit Card processing For UK Based Tech Support Merchants: This is one of the most popular payment mode utilized by Tech Support Companies in the UK. This mode allows the merchant to accept orders on the website by asking the customer to put in the Credit Debit Card details. The integration of this mode is done by utilizing the API information provided by the payment processing partner. High volume merchants with extremely low charge-back ratio can also request the payment processing partner to allow access of the virtual terminal or Moto panel.
  • Bank Transfer – For UK Tech Support Companies: The customers can also transfer funds directly to the business bank account of the merchant. This mode of transfer is also very easy but it does not offer a flexible integration possibility on the merchant’s website.
  • Prepaid Vouchers – For Remote PC Repair And Maintenance Companies In The United Kingdom: Customers can buy prepaid vouchers from stores located all across the United Kingdom and make payments to the merchant by sharing the voucher code and the pin number.

After analyzing all the available options for merchants selling services and products across the United Kingdom we have realized that the best mode to accept payments from customers is the Credit Debit Card payment processing option.

Set Up Time Frame Of A Merchant Account For Tech Support In UK.

If the Merchant is based in the United Kingdom then the setup time frame is usually between 5 days to 10 days. The payment processing company does a lot of risk analysis to identify any possibility of potential fraud or chargebacks. Most of the merchants with clear history do get positive results from the Payment Processors.

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