Merchant Account In Qatar
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Merchant Account In Qatar

MERCHANT ACCOUNT IN QATARPAYMENT PROCESSING IN QATARPlanning to set up an online business in Qatar but clueless about the whole operations required for activating the online buying and selling process?Here Are The Complete Guidelines That Need To Be Followed To Set Up Online Transactions In Qatar:FOR SETTING UP A MERCHANT ACCOUNT IN QATARKnow the e-commerce trends in Qatar:The growth of e-commerce business in Qatar has reached to $1.6 billion (2017). The country’s e-commerce industry is set to conquer higher growth due to major internet accessibility and various online payment modes. There has been a steady movement of e-business in travel, electronics, fashion, books, and hotels to name few.The main factors involved in buying online include:Website popularity Various payment processing systems such as credit/debit, checks /ACH systems and POS (Point of Sales) Security on online transactions In a survey conducted, it was found that merchants with ethical social background notably who do charities and are environmentally conscious are more acceptable for online business.Some are still very skeptical about the online transactions and need a greater assurance of the security and safety of online business. In Smartphone category though there is a higher percentage of Smartphone users but only 15% are into m-commerce.The most obvious hurdle is on the right choice of processing companies especially when there are too many in the online processing business.AN OPENING OF A MERCHANT ACCOUNT WITH QATAROnline business demands an opening of a merchant account with the bank or other online processing companies with the help of their own sponsored banks accept the credit or debit card processing for online payments. Now the online business owners have to be clear about the online proceedings and the payment modes available with the merchant account providers also called acquirers.We help you to acquire the right acquirers for your online business. We ensure all the payment methods are in place and there is an easy conversion of funds to the processing companies for boosting of online sales and online payments.Our selection of the processing companies is based on the following parameters:The terms and conditions of contracts offered by the online processors The lowest transaction fees Lower conversion rates Payment solutions through virtual terminals for credit card processing and point of sales for real-time authorization The terms followed by low risk and high risk businesses Security on payment processing to counter the online frauds through fraud management tools Chargeback alerts References – checkPOPULAR METHODS OF PAYMENT In Qatar, 54% of the population makes online payments. The accessibility of payments through credit card is 45%. However, there are an e-check /ACH payments options available online. In ACH (Automated clearing house), the funds get transferred from the buyer’s account to retailer account without any paperwork. There is a pre-written or electronic approval from the customer to process the e-check into merchant’s account. And with the help of virtual terminal, the e-check is processed as an ACH clearing and the fund gets credited to the merchant processor. This kind of payment mode saves time and money as there are no interchange change fees involved like that of in credit card processing.ABOUT QUADRAPAY QuadraPay is partner of various online payment processing companies. We evaluate the market of national and international gateway companies for processing of merchant accounts for the merchants.Merchant and the merchant account providers can contact us to procure PCI DSS compliance certificate for adding security to the online transactions.We also tie up with the cash lenders to support business funds to the companies having a financial crisis. The easy repayment of funds is based on very low-interest rates.USA ECHECK FOR QATARQatar has gained a global recognition as an extremely rich nation. The nation is rich because of the people of Qatar and because of the innovative ways of doing global business. Many businesses located in Qatar are doing good business in The USA. These companies can use Echeck or ACH Payment Processing solution to accept payments from USA Based customers.CHARGEBACK ALERTS AND NOTIFICATIONSInternational merchants in the eCommerce space struggle a lot in terms of finding effective ways to reduce the chargebacks and return ratio. For Merchants working with USA, UK, Australia and Canada based customers the Chargeback Alerts solution can be very helpful. The Alerts help the merchants in extending the lifeline of the payment gateway and can also help the businesses in reducing loss.QATAR CREDIT CARD PROCESSINGIt take a collective effort of the nation to become the richest nation in the world. Qatar has shown this to the world. In this nation merchants use Payment Gateway for Credit Card Processing. Merchants use two modes depending upon the presence of the card. The first is Card Not present(CNP) and the second is card present transactions. Feel free to let us know about your requirements.POINT OF SALES IN QATARRetail is a fast growing sector in every nation including Qatar. Retail stores are very easily accepting transactions by using POS devices. These POS devices are highly user friendly and compact. Gone are the days when the Point Of Sales Credit Card Processing terminals used to be bulky and to technical. Now a days they look pretty much like a sleep smartphones.Reach us in case you need a POS terminal.

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