Merchant Account Jordan

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Merchant account Jordan By Quadrea Pay

Merchant Accounts For Card Processing In Jordan

Quadrapay is proud to announce that we have recently signed up with a well-known processing company in the Middle Eastern region. This payment service provider is extremely excited to explore the tremendous potential of merchants in Jordan. Echeck processing fees are extremely affordable. Quadrapay can assist you in establishing a merchant account in Jordan through its partnership with a well known Mid East based payment service provider.

Jordan provides an excellent infrastructure to do businesses from across the globe. Many Jordanian entrepreneurs have created great success stories. The cash-rich economy powered by excellent management from the government is propelling the growth of startups and experienced business owners. By using merchant accounts Jordan based businesses can readily accept payments from local customers as well as International buyers. Our solutions are highly advanced and can offer multi-currency payment processing along with subscription-based billing. To ensure the security of credit card information, these processors provide 3D Secure processing options. Entrepreneurs with excellent history can undoubtedly get better rates than startup merchants.

How To Apply For Online Payment Gateway In Jordan?

To get a Credit Card processing solution in Jordan, all you have to do is fill the online merchant account application. We will initially evaluate your website and then give you recommendations over the email. Most of the times merchants get a response within a few working hours. If the payment service provider pre-approves the URL, then we will be requesting the merchant to send the merchant account application and KYC documents to the PSP. Credit Card processing companies will further evaluate the profile of the merchant. They will also analyse all the records. After the analysis by the payment processing company may approve the account. Merchants must ensure to submit all the KYC documents to the processing company at one time. It helps in saving time and also helps with faster onboarding.

International Payment Gateway In Jordan For Online Payments

Quadrapay assists businesses in Jordan with international payment gateways. With international payment gateways and merchant accounts, business owners can readily accept payments in multiple currencies. No matter if your customers wish to pay in US dollar, Euro, Canadian dollars or local currency you will be able to accept the payments online. There are multiple advantages of using multi-currency payment processing options. Merchants can quickly expand their business to a global level by utilising international payment solutions. Online payment processing options offer better results then mobile payment as you can provide services to a wide range of customers. Quadrapay enables merchants with highly reliable Credit Card processing options. Please send us an email on [email protected] to get more details about merchant accounts and payment gateways for your Jordanian company.

Integration Of Online Payment Gateway In Jordan

After the approval of the payment gateway, the processing company will send you a detailed guideline about the integration process. You will only be able to use the solution if your website is integrated with the payment processing network. This guideline is also known as API documentation. Most of the time processing companies offer readymade plugins. Integration is quite easy for popular E-commerce website platforms like Shopify, WordPress, Magento and Opencart. Business owners can also integrate the payment gateway on the HTML and PHP website.

Fees Associated With Payment Gateway In Jordan

The rates and the fees for a payment gateway in Jordan depend upon multiple factors. As our processing partners assist businesses in accepting payments from more than 150 countries the rates vary depending upon the currency that you need to process. The mode of the transaction also plays a critical factor. Subscriptions and one-time payments are two different things. Merchants usually pay a low transaction fee if they are considered low risk. High risk merchants in Jordan require High Risk Payment gateway. These gateways may cost slightly high transaction fees. The transaction fee also increases depending upon the level of quality service the processor offers. Our processing partners are fully PCI-DSS certified, and they provide a dual standard of fraud protection. Apart from this the processing company also provides 3D secure processing option for extended security. To get more details about pricing for your specific website or business model, please send an email to [email protected].

USA ACH Payment Gateway Providers In Jordan

The United States and Jordan at excellent trade partners. Many business owners in Jordan sell products and services to clients in the United States. We are happy to introduce that we have established a reseller relationship with the renowned ACH payment processing company in the United States of America. This company offers services to International merchants on a case by case basis. With the help of ACH payment processing, you can readily accept payment online by using the virtual terminal. Your customers can also make payments online by clicking on the pay now button. You can quickly send invoices with the payment link to customers.

KYC And Web Compliance Requirements For Payment Gateway Services In Jordan

To improve the chances of the success of your application, you must ensure that the form has complete details. Please do not ignore any field. If you have questions feel free to ask a Quadrapay representative. The more detailed information you share with the processing company, the better chances you will have for the approval. To get a Credit Card processing accountant in Jordan you will have to send the KYC documents to the processor. KYC generally includes a business licence, identification proof and few other materials. Your website must be updated and should follow the guidelines of various well-known credit and debit card brands. To improve the chances of getting a payment gateway in Jordan for your national and international sales email us on [email protected]. We are happy to evaluate applications for Low, Mid and High Risk Merchant Accounts in Jordan.

Bankim Chandra
Bankim Chandra
Bankim Chandra is a Merchant Account consultant. He works with merchants globally and helps businesses in getting reliable payment processing solution. He writes extensively on the internet about Payment Gateways, Credit Card Processing, Echeck Processing, Chargeback Alerts, ACH and Business Funding.