Merchant Account Services On Your Fingertips

Millions Of Business Rely On Credit Card Processing & Merchant Account Services To Gain Profits!

To do a successful business, a merchant requires to accept several payment methods rather than relying only upon cash. These payment methods may include debit card payments, credit card payments, accept ach payments, e-wallet, echeck services, etc. which helps a business to gain more customers. Every customer may prefer different payment methods which they are more comfortable with. By providing more flexibility for the payment, you can attract more profits in your business by saving upon several transaction processing charges.

But the most crucial factor is managing all the payment transactions you receive for every order in your business. You may go through millions of transactions, and it is challenging to manage all the payments and taking the accurate record of each. That’s why you must consider having a merchant account services.

What Does A Merchant Account Services Do?

It is very difficult to manage and track all the payment transactions that you receive either from a customer or a b2b payment processing. That’s why you have to connect with a merchant account services reseller like Quadrapay, which will provide you with a merchant account according to your business market and needs. So that you can manage and transfer all the funds that you received from the card-issuing bank of the customer to your business bank account, this online merchant account services will allow you to accept several payment methods like contactless payment, debit card, credit card, and online payments. You can not accept credit card or debit card payments unless you have a merchant account so that all the funds can be settled in your acquiring bank business account.

Why Should You Consider Obtaining Merchant Account Services From Quadrapay?

You might think of going to the bank for getting a merchant account for your business. Actually, it is not that simple! There are several issues and policies that might bring your hope down. The bank verifies for the background check, which will include your history of irregular businesses activities, high chargebacks, type of industry, your trade-in, and getting a high volume of transactions. This will indicate your business as a high-risk business, and thus the bank will consider it as a too risky and decline your account request.

Don’t worry!, Quadrapay knows what you need for your business, and thus we offer with third party credit card processing and merchant account services that are designed according to the type of business you operate. We provide you with a fast and straightforward method for getting a merchant account with fast approval. Also, we offer other benefits to our merchants with an affordable processing fee, a secured payment gateway for payment processing with PCI compliance which ensures you to have a safe and reliable payment experience.

What Are The Requirements To Be Eligible And Get A Merchant Account Services?

We have made the process of taking a merchant account services at the simplest for a small scale business merchant. The documents need to be submitted and verified so that your application for a merchant account services can be approved.

  • An identity document issued by a government, like a passport.
  • A functional website where you want to conduct your business online.
  • Social Security Number or Employer Identification Number.
  • Bank transaction statements up to the last three months.
  • Processing statements up to the previous three months.

After submitting and verification of all the documents, Your merchant account will be approved within 24 to 48 hours.

Quadrapay is the most reliable merchant account services provider in this industry. We provide solutions for the high-risk merchant account, offshore merchant account, low-risk merchant account. From check processing for small business to an enterprise payment processing, we have all payment processing solutions with our expertise in the processing industry. For more information, we are always happy to solve your query at [email protected].

Happy Processing!