Merchant Accounts For Automated Fuel Dispensers

Do you need credit card processing solution for automated fuel dispensers? Quadrapay can assist you. However, before that, Let’s understand what exactly automated fuel dispenser is?

Automated fuel dispensers are electronic machinery equipment. Petrol and Gas stations use these fuel dispensing machinery. Automated fuel dispensers are used to pump fuel into vehicles fuel tanks. It is essential equipment for gasoline service stations in which customers make payments by using various modes. Either they can pay by credit or debit card, or else they can pay by cash. Automated fuel dispensers work on computer program without the help of any trained operator. Let us explain how credit card payments work for automated fuel dispensers.

Customers at gas station insert credit or debit card and enter the amount for fuel and then hit the OK button. After submitting details, The Payment gateway system checks the availability of funds and based on it approves the transaction.

After completing the transaction, systems sends the approval to the automated dispenser for fueling the automotive.

Credit card processing for automated fuel dispensers is in trends across developed countries like the USA, the UK and Canada. Such type of Gas stations is usually on highways as it is challenging to handle the massive amount of cash for these distantly located pumps. Business owners can accept payments directly into their merchant account by using POS for automated Fuel dispensing machines.

How Petrol Pumps Setup Credit Card Processing Solutions?

Automated fuel dispensers are automated machinery equipment that requires the installation of payment processing software/hardware to work. Many payment processing companies provide installation of payment processing solution. Quadrapay is a sales partner of various payment processing companies across the globe and works as a bridge between business owners and payment service providers. Merchants are looking forward to getting credit card solutions for automated fuel dispensers, can contact us at [email protected] Quadrapay will connect merchants with reliable payment processing company. Business owners will have to go through the compliance and underwriting process. Processors may ask for KYC documents of business for the underwriting process. As the merchant gets approval for credit card processing solution, then the technical team will visit merchants business location. Over there, the professional team will start the installation process and connect entire systems with processing network.

What benefits merchants will get

Merchants will get rid of handling a massive amount of cash at their gas stations. With credit and debit card transaction, funds will directly go into the business bank account through the merchant account.

A highly secure credit card solution will help the business elevate the trust factor in the minds of the customers.

With automated fuel dispensers, merchants will get more sales through the card transactions.
Business owners can also generate sales report through the POS/Credit Card swiping terminal.

For more information about specialised credit card processing solution for Automated fuel dispensers, entrepreneurs can get in touch with Quadrapay. The team at Quadrapay actively looks forward to supporting merchants from various industries.

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