Merchant Accounts for Rudraksh Stores

Merchant Accounts for Rudraksh Stores

What Is Rudraksh?

Rudraksha or Rudraksh means Lord Shiva’s Tear in the ancient Sanskrit language.Hindus have used it for many thousand years as prayer beads.It is a seed from the Elaeocarpus ganitrus plant.

Hindus relate it with Lord Shiva and use it as a protection against evil forces. Rudraksh is extremely popular among the Hindu and the Indian community across the globe. Rudraksh is used similar to any precious stone and is widely available in stores across India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bhutan, Srilanka, Indonesia, Mauritius and other nations where there is sizable hindu population.

Type Of Rudraksh Or Rudraksha

The Type of Rudraksh is determined by the number of openings it has ranging from 1 to 21. 1 being the most costly and rarest. Every type has a separate Rulling God, Rulling Planet, Mantra and benefits.

How To Sell Rudraksh Online?

To sell Rudrasha online you need a proper website that showcases the product details, Images,Videos and Pricing. As a seller you must specify the shipping terms and time frame. A detailed return policy is vital. Once the site is fully operational you need to integrate a Payment Gateway or Merchant account. This will enable Credit,Debit and Echeck processing on your website.

Payment Processing Solution For Rudraksh Stores.

There are various Payment Options available for Rudrash stores like Credit/Debit Cards, USA echeck/ACH Solution and International Bank wire options.

How To Set Up A Payment Gateway / Merchant Account For Rudraksh Stores?

Very simple click on the Apply button above and raise an enquiry . we will send you an application form in few business hours. Once we received the filled application with the KYC the same is to the Payment Processors and if everything works well you will be accepting payments without any delay.