Merchant Services For Restaurant Booth Manufacturers

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Quadrapay now offers retail and online credit card processing solutions for American, Canadian and European Restaurant Booth Manufacturers.

The Restaurant and Bar industry requires high-quality seating arrangements. This critical requirement is fulfilled by experienced furniture and booth manufacturers. Traditionally these firms were generating business in the old fashion way. However, these days companies get customers from the world over. To efficiently and quickly accept payments for orders, these firms require a reliable credit card processing option.

Alternative Payment Options For Restaurant Booth Manufacturers.

Since the ticket size of these transactions can be high, merchants from this industry can use alternative methods like ACH in the USA and APMs in the European Union and Interac in Canada.

What kind of products and services you may offer with Payment gateway.

Wall panels
Custom Work
Restaurant Booths
Wall Benches
Bead Board
Button Tufted
Channel Back
V Back

Fortunately, Quadrapay can assist merchants with most of the above-stated solutions. So what are you waiting for? Apply today to get a free quote.