Mobile Merchant Services For Small Business

Low Cost Mobile Payment Processing For Small Businesses. Mobile Merchant Services Are Vital For Small Businesses.

Mobile Merchant Services For Small Businesses are vital because usually there are less number of employees in these firms. Every small business wants solutions that are portable and can be moved easily from one place to another and also easily get integrated with their mobile phones. Many times the employees go outside and collect money from customer’s at there office, home, shop etc. This payment solution is perfect for businesses that  provide door to door services. They can easily collect the money using mobile card swiping terminals. There are mainly two types of solutions available to accept payment over mobile. These are:

  • Card Swiping Attachment Solution For Small Businesses. In this solution Merchant swipes the customer’s card using another device which is connected through the mobile, and the customer enters the pin and digital signature over the merchant mobile to complete all the process to accept payment. In this solution, there are two devices used to accept a payment. One is mobile, and another is credit card reader. In using card swiping attachment, some common problems may be faced by the merchant like whether both devices work properly or not, Connectivity issue, Both devices are charged or not etc. We as a professional merchant services reseller do not usually recommend going for a solution like this. We always recommend merchants to go for a POS credit card processing solution.
  • POS Credit card Processing Solution is straightforward and more comfortable to accept payments. This device is also known as POS Machine. It is small in size and too easy to carry in your pocket. This device works on various modules like GPRS, WiFi etc. In today’s world pos machines also take contactless or EMV chip payments. This solution accepts almost all types of cards.

Benefits of Quadrapay Mobile Credit Card Processing For Small And Medium Businesses.

  • Fast approval: We are Sales Agents for various payment processing companies and we aim to provide the best solution according to your business requirement. Our solutions take less time to get approved.
  • Customer support: Our Credit card processing partners offer 24×7 customer support. If you are stuck anywhere regarding billing or transaction queries, you can directly contact customer care team.
  • PCI Compliance: In the present time, secure transactions are vital to accept safe payments online. Our solutions strictly follow required PCI Compliance standards and all the transactions are secure.
  • Low Transaction Fee: We offer low transaction fees and fast settlement for credit card processing.
  • Easy Integration: Credit card processing solutions can be easily integrated with your mobile devices. It is a very cost effective solution.

How Small Businesses Can Get This Solution From Quadrapay?

We at Quadrapay are happy to assist. To get any of our solution you can reach us at [email protected].

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