Netherlands Merchant Account

Get A Netherlands Merchant Account With Low Rates

The Netherlands is considered one of the most open economies in Europe. Businesses across the Netherlands use electronic payment processing to accept transactions on the web. It’s quite common to find businesses across the Netherlands using reliable payment gateways to receive credit and debit card transactions online. The country is well known across the world for its innovative way of performing business activities. The Netherlands and the United Kingdom have been performing trade activities for many years now. The Netherlands is the fourth largest trading partner of the United Kingdom. The country offers world-class infrastructure for startups as well as established business owners. These entrepreneurs prefer to accept all major credit and debit card by utilizing payment gateways and merchant accounts. Quadrapay is a proud reseller of various European payment service providers, and many of these providers are entirely comfortable in reliable underwriting merchants from the Netherlands. If you are looking forward to getting a payment gateway or merchant account, then you should contact Quadrapay today by sending an email to [email protected].

How To Get Credit Card Processing Account For Netherlands

Getting a Credit Card processing account for you Netherlands based business is quite easy. You can approach any local bank, or you can also contact Quadrapay. Our team will assist you to find a reliable processor from across the European Union. Merchants from in Netherland usually perform business with high monthly sales volume. Most of the times these businesses perform trade activities with customers located in different parts of the world. For this business owner in the Netherlands require International Credit Card processing accounts. Our partnership with the top of the line PSPs from across the European Union and European economic area will help you to get started with your merchant account in a limited time frame.

Best Merchant Accounts For Netherlands.

The processor that offers low transaction fee and faster settlement shall be considered the best merchant account provider for you Netherlands based business. When you apply for a Credit Card processing account, then make sure you get pricing from multiple processors. If this is not easy for you, then the team at Quadrapay can match your requirements with various processors. Our team will suggest the most reliable Credit Card processing company that may deliver the best results for your company. Multiple factors will help you to identify the best merchant account. The rate of the transaction is a factor, but you should look at transaction security as well. You should prefer to work with companies that are direct acquires or principal members of various card brands.

Rates And Fees For Netherlands Merchant Account

Low-risk accounts in the Netherlands may qualify for instant plus pricing. The interchange plus pricing model is considered the best in the industry. Unfortunately, not every processor offers this pricing model. Some may provide tiered pricing which may be expensive for various merchants. Depending upon your monthly sales volume and your highest ticket size we will suggest you the best processor for your business. The beauty of our solutions is that you do not have to spend any money to get the account started. Most of the payment service providers that will work with do not charge any upfront fees from merchants coming from the Netherlands. They will be happy to evaluate your application, and if approved you will start accepting credit and debit card payments online within two business days.

Features Of Payment Gateways In The Netherlands

Before you sign on the merchant account agreement, you must look at various features that the payment gateway offers. You should evaluate the functionality of the API, and you should also ask if the payment service provider can provide you with the virtual terminal to accept phone and telephone orders. Businesses with an excellent reputation can qualify for the virtual terminal as well. Working with the processor that offers 3D secure solutions can also help you in reducing fraud transactions. The settlement period is also a factor. You should work with a processing company that provides fast settlements. Fast settlements assist you in maintaining good cash flow.

Integration Process Of A Netherlands Merchant Account.

After approval, the service provider will send you API documentation. Most of the times this documentation is also visible on the website of the service provider. Your technical team will have to create the code which matches with the API requirements. This code can be embedded on your site by using PHP or HTML codes. You can also use readymade plugins provided by the PSP. Many processing companies offer readymade plugins for popular eCommerce platforms like Shopify, Magento, Opencart, Woocommerce, and Prestashop. It is a good idea to ask the processor about the API documentation proactively and analyze the skills of your technical team before signing the agreement. There is no benefit of getting a merchant account and not being able to integrate it with the existing programming language used on your website. Many processors also offer sandbox integration. You can perform sandbox integration without even getting approved for a merchant account.

ACH Merchant Accounts For Netherlands

As the Netherlands is one of the most open economies in Europe, many businesses in the Netherlands perform business activities across the world. Many companies also sell extensively to American customers. If you are looking forward to getting a payment processing solutions for the US sales, then you can also evaluate the services of various third-party payment processing companies. Many third-party ACH processing companies in the United States can evaluate applications from the Netherlands based businesses. Quadrapay works as an independent sales contractor for various third-party ACH payment processing companies in the United States. We will be happy to give you more information about this alternative mode of payment processing. Send us an email on [email protected] to get more details about the same.

Chargebacks And Netherlands Payment Gateways

Chargebacks can be a severe problem for merchants in the Netherlands. Thanks to various CDRN services.CDRN services can help you in identifying disputes on specific transactions. You get 24 to 72 hours to resolve the issue or initiate the refund. These services can help you to maintain your chargeback to sales ratio under the recommended limit of your PSP. Quadrapay works as a reseller for a couple of chargeback alert and notification companies. Our team can assist you in joining hands with these reliable CDRN service providers.

High Risk Merchant Accounts In Netherlands

If your credit score is terrible or your financial statements do not project a firm standing, then the chances are that your local payment service provider will ignore your application. Sometimes payment service providers also ignore your applications just because of the industry in which merchants operate. Thanks to offshore high risk payment service providers that are comfortable in underwriting merchants from specific high risk industries. Quadrapay can assist you in finding High risk gateways for you Netherlands based business. These high risk payment service providers may charge a slightly higher transaction fee. The settlement time frame may also be a bit longer than any local processing company. If you are not getting any solutions from domestic providers and are in need of accepting payments online, then you should contact offshore payment gateway providers.

KYC For Payment Gateway In Netherlands

Whenever you apply for a payment gateway, the processing company will ask for KYC documents. The KYC documents are mandatory for any credit card processing account. Before your account is approved the processing company with its risk and underwriting team will evaluate your application and KYC documents.

Some KYC documents are listed below.

  1. Company License
  2. Identification Proof of all the stakeholders
  3. Utility bill of business owners
  4. Utility bill for the business premise
  5. Previous processing statement if available
  6. Void Check of the business bank account or letter of good standing
  7. Business plan
  8. Last year profit and loss statement
  9. Suppliers agreement if the merchant sells tangible products
  10. Additional licenses required for specific Industries like Travel and Forex.

Website Compliance For Netherland Merchant Account

Keeping your website in compliance with the requirements of well-known credit card brands is mandatory for the approval of any merchant account. Your site must be complete before you apply for a payment gateway or any merchant account. Your website should display the products and services that you are selling. Credit Card processing companies are intelligent enough to identify if the merchant is trying to misrepresent the business model. All the products and services that you sell should have a clear description on your website. If you’re using images on your site to display products, then make sure that these images are rational and not over optimized. In simple terms, you should show what you sell and sell what you show. To ensure the security of transaction data your website must have an SSL certificate. Most processors will offer you a hosted payment page where the credit card information will is submitted on the payment gateway companies site. If you wish to accept credit card payments directly on your website, then the processing company will ask for a PCI DSS compliance certification. If you require a virtual terminal or Moto facility for your business, then you will have to specify this requirement in the merchant account application form.

Quadrapay and Netherlands Credit Card Processing

Quadrapay is proud to be a reseller of various PSPs across Europe. We have established the relationship with these service providers so that we can assist merchants from all across Europe in finding cost-effective credit card processing solutions. The team at Quadrapay will be happy to evaluate your website and will help you in getting Credit Card processing in the Netherlands. Send us an email on [email protected] to get more information about Netherlands Credit Card processing

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