Niger Payment Gateway

Niger Payment Gateway

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Helping Companies to increase their business in Niger. Niger Payment Gateway.

If you have any business in Niger, we at can help you increase your sales by helping you to find a reliable credit card processing option. also invites applications from Niger and provides solutions for them with a fast, easy and secure processing service. Our partner processors provide merchant accounts to businesses with many services inbuilt in it which will directly help you in increasing your business and sales.

If you’re from “high risk” category, in that case, we may have solutions for you also. As we are partnered with multiple international payment processing companies, some of them provide merchant accounts to select high risk businesses/industries also after proper audit and risk evaluation. If we are not able to find the right credit card processing company for you then we will suggest alternative modes of payment processing for Niger based business. Some of the alternative methods are ACH and Echeck. Apart from this the payment processing industry consistently evolves and we may have some new solutions for your business in future. To start your application please send an email to [email protected] or fill the online merchant account application form available on the contact us page. To improve the chances of your approval your website must be ready. The payment processing company will ask you to send the KYC documents. The payment processor will perform a detailed analysis of your profile as well as the kind of products and services that you sell. Based on the internal analysis of the payment processing institution they may approve or disapprove your Credit Card processing application. We will suggest you the best available options for your business type.

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