No Chargeback Payment Gateway For Tech Support

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No Chargeback Payment Gateway for Tech Support


There are many websites on the Internet which claim that do offer no chargeback payment gateway for tech support companies. Honestly, This appears to be a joke to us, and it is an obvious lie. Every payment processing company has to follow the guidelines of the acquiring Bank and Card Schemes. A payment processing company cannot offer a merchant account or a payment gateway by claiming that they do not honor chargeback request. Merchants should be very careful before signing up with any payment service provider that claims that the merchant account is a no chargeback gateway. The risk appetite of the payment service provider may vary depending upon the risk mitigation steps implemented by them. Many PSP or Credit Card processing companies implement various fraud detection tools to lower the potential risk of Returns and chargebacks.

It is not a bad idea to find an easy merchant account but you must be careful about the safety of your money. Be genuine and only work with genuine players in the market. No genuine Merchant account providers will say that they offer a No Chargeback payment Gateway. It is a complete lie if we compare it with the latest regulations of all major card brands. If we go for an insight into this industry and its requirements, Echeck and Card Processing for remote tech support industry is really needed in order to maintain the business online and expand further. For providing these services, Processors will also charge a certain amount of fee. At the same time, these processors have to protect consumer rights and chargeback is the main one of them. Thus, the possibility of a no chargeback gateway zeroes.

A merchant should always look for the best and most genuine company that can provide them with reliable and sustainable services. has expertise in providing solutions related to your high risk merchant account and payment gateway. Whether you need a merchant account for tech support in UK or USA or any other country for your online global business, we are ready to help you get the best services.


1. Option 1 USA Echeck Transactions Only

  • Transaction Rate 10%
  • Per Item Fee $5
  • Rolling Reserve 10%
  • Arrear or Holdback 1 Week
  • Setup Charges NILL
  • Max Ticket Size Per Device $500
  • Maximum Value Per Transaction $2500 (Max of 5 Device service can be ordered at one time by the customer)
  • Type Of Transaction – Echeck Only
  • Maximum Service subscription Time Frame – 6 Months. After a successful processing for 90 Days, the processor may approve a longer subscription period of up to 12 months. This approval is subject to the processor’s satisfaction. Merchants are suggested to maintain a low return ratio.
  • Check return Fee $40
  • NSF – Insufficient Fund Penalty $40
  • Wire Fee $30
  • Mandatory Voice Verification Performed by the Processors Verification Team before processing any Echeck Transaction
  • Mandatory Dual Docusign Agreement before processing the check – The USA based Processor will perform the docusign and Voice Verification
  • Virtual Terminal and API Integration
  • Processors Location East Coast the USA

Documents Needed For Application Process

  • Live Website for your Business
  • Completed Application form
  • SSL Certificate on Website
  • All Products and Services Listed with detailed Terms
  • Privacy Policy and Refund Policy listed
  • Business Plan
  • Recent Processing Statement if Available
  • Supplier/vendor Agreement if selling tangible products
  •  ID Proof of All directors/Owners
  • Address Proof of All directors
  • Address proof of the business
  • Cancel check or letter of Good Standing from the corporate bank
  • Additional documents may be asked by respective service providers on a case to case basis
  • Any additional documents that may be mandatory for your business type.

2. Option 2 Echeck And Physical Check

  • Transaction Rate 12%
  • Per Item Fee $6
  • Rolling Reserve 10%
  • Arrear or Holdback 1 Week
  • Security deposit $1500 Charged by the processor – Can be deducted from the first payout
  • Max Ticket Size $500
  • Maximum Value Per Transaction $500
  • Type Of Transaction – USA Echeck and USA Physical Check. Your customers can mail the physical check to processors business address.
  • Maximum Service subscription Time Frame 1 Year
  • Check return Fee $40
  • NSF – Insufficient Fund Penalty $40
  • Wire Fee $50
  • Mandatory Voice Verification and DocuSign Verification Performed by the Processors Verification Team before processing any Echeck or Physical check transaction
  • Processors Location – West Coast the USA
Bankim Chandra
Bankim Chandra
Bankim Chandra is a Merchant Account consultant. He works with merchants globally and helps businesses in getting reliable payment processing solution. He writes extensively on the internet about Payment Gateways, Credit Card Processing, Echeck Processing, Chargeback Alerts, ACH and Business Funding.