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Offshore Merchant Account

Your search for offshore merchant account providers ends here. QuadraPay offers low cost offshore merchant services. Now merchants that are declined by domestic acquiring banks can apply with offshore credit card processing companies.

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Offshore ecommerce payment solution. Accept credit and debit cards in realtime.

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Work With Best Offshore Merchant Account Providers

Our offshore merchant services are a perfect problem solver option for you. If local banks and credit card processors do not like working with your company then it’s time to knock on the doors of large offshore card processing firms.

QuadraPay is an offshore merchant processing specialist. We have been assisting hard-to-place merchants with offshore payment solutions since 2016. Our offshore merchant processing options come with simple contract and economical pricing.

We bring to you the ability to easily accept online payments by using various modes. Apart from credit debit card processing our offshore solutions open various APM channels for you. Apply today with QuadraPay to get a zero obligation offshore merchant account quote.

Benefits Of Offshore Credit Card Processing

There are several benefits of offshore credit card processing solutions. Let’s look at some vital reasons why you must use this solution.

  • Life Line For Your Business. When local banks and processors ruthlessly say no it becomes hard for any business to survive. Our offshore solutions are a ray of light for many hard-to-place merchants. With the approval, merchants can accept credit and debit cards as they did with a local provider.
  • Industry Standard Compliant. There are zero compromises on the quality of service and security. All of our offshore solutions are as per the recommended industry standards.
  • Competitive pricing. A reasonable quote helps businesses instantly start the boarding process.

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Offshore Merchant Services FAQ

The main advantage offshore providers give to their clients is near unlimited processing volume. Talking in financial terms the monthly maximum limit of an offshore account is much higher. High monthly capping is beneficial for merchants if they wish to expand their business.

The Other advantage is flexible and approachable underwriting criteria. This makes offshore providers an easy and attractive option for bad credit and high-risk merchants. The underwriting criteria of domestic banks may be at times tougher than those located in other countries.

Here most of the transactions are considered cross-border transactions. As services are availed from an offshore payment processor situated in a foreign country. At times these transactions are declined by the card processors and domestic banks suspecting them of fraud.

The Other negative factor is slightly higher charges imposed by offshore merchant account providers on the applicants. There are differences between domestic banks and offshore ones related to application and transaction fees. The rolling reserve and chargeback fees are also marginally higher with offshore service providers.

That is a great question and is asked multiple times by our merchants. Well the answer to the same is complicated. Technically in most cases it does not matter much about the location of offshore merchant account providers. What matters are two things and these are listed below.

Where the merchant is registered. The business registration location and nationality of the UBOs play a significant role in acceptance or rejection of any application. In simple terms PSPs can only onboard merchants from the jurisdiction where they are allowed to operate. There are thousands of payment companies including large, small and startups. Every company has its own choices in terms of industry and jurisdiction.

Where the offshore processor allowed onboard merchants from? As stated in the above point, processing companies have their approved jurisdiction. These are the regions.

Asia Pacific | Canada | CEMEA | EU | Latam | USĀ  | Global

For example a France based (EU only ) provider can work with a merchant registered in Finland but can not work with a merchant in the USA. A global provered can work with merchants in most countries except few that are sanctioned and prohibited.

What Factors Make a Good Offshore Credit Card Processor?

While trying to figure out a suitable offshore provider, consider these points.

Check out these fees. Setup fee, monthly fee, return fee, annual fee, chargeback fee, return fee, wire fee, and hidden charges If you try to negotiate, you will get a better deal.

Offshore service providers do have provisions for a rolling reserve ranging from 5% to 15%. Thus, you should always try to keep it as minimal as possible. This will directly impact the cash flow.

We at QuadraPay suggest you be very careful while deciding on your offshore account provider. Your online business completely depends on your merchant account. Choosing wisely and negotiating with the service provider is important. It helps you reduce the cost factor and enhances your profits.

Offshore processors impose the maximum ticket limit and maximum monthly transaction limit. These service providers will also impose minimum transaction volumes for their financial safety. While signing the agreement a merchant gives his consent to maintain the flow of transactions in the account.

The rolling reserve is kept higher in comparison with domestic acquirers to minimize the credit risk. In most cases, the rolling reserve is kept at 10%. The holding period is a bit longer in comparison with domestic banks.