Offshore Merchant Accounts Plus Optimized WordPress Equals Growth

How Optimized WordPress Can Help Businesses Use Offshore Merchant Accounts Better!

Offshore Merchant Accounts are not local to your business; you are doing business in one country and have your merchant account in another country. But the question comes why a business needs an offshore merchant account instead of a domestic credit card processing account?

Answer to the question is simple because sometimes domestic processors are more conservative and require the merchant to provide several documents as well as past processing history of at least six months. And if you are dealing in any high-risk industry, it will be more difficult and require a lot of time to get approval.
These obstacles let the merchant opt for an offshore credit card processing account.

Benefits For Merchants That Use Offshore Merchant Accounts are as follows.

  • No monthly processing volume limits.
  • Offshore merchant accounts will allow you to transfer funds to your business bank account in your home country.
  • Maximum chances of getting approval.
  • Multi-currency Payment Gateway Service.

It is always advisable to have an offshore merchant account if you are dealing with high-risk business or want to accept cross-border credit card transactions. Some industries that use offshore merchant accounts are CBD Oil, Crypto Currency, Tarot Card Readers, Nutraceuticals, Gaming, Gambling, IPTV, Ticketing Agency, Lottery, Professional Services, Online Teachers And Forex.

Optimized WordPress Website For Your High-Risk Business.

Now that you understand what an offshore account let’s assume you get one and your website uses WordPress. If your site is not properly optimized then your merchant account may not get many transactions. In this brief article, we’ll talk about five steps to improve the speed and traffic on your CBD Oil WordPress eCommerce site.

The Server For CBD Website

One of the significant issues with WordPress websites or let’s say any other site is the server on which it is hosted. With the advanced in technologies, there come many hostings services which are providing hosting at minimal cost, or even some offer free hosting with limited features. There are many type of web hosting like shared, which cost you less but to be honest with you if you are running a business, never compromise or take money as a factor. Go for a VPS or Dedicated server which only hosts your site instead of multiple, and gradually it results in a tremendous increase in traffic growth.

The CDN Super Charges WordPress

CDN or Content Delivery Network host your site in a different geographical area. It is an additional service which you should opt for loading your site faster from anywhere no matter from where your visitors are. Understand CDN as a network of servers which keeps a copy of your website to each server located across the globe and if a users land on your website it helps to load the website from the nearest possible server in which the copy of your site is located. Cloudflare is among the most popular, which is also provides Free CDN services.

The Site Structure

Properly structure your site to help your customer understand your site more easily. According to Google Webmaster Guidelines, your website should “have a clear conceptual page hierarchy.” you should have a homepage, main section and subsections which clearly bifurcate your content. Navigation Optimization is also a part of site structure optimization and remembers always provide a navigation link back to your home page in each and every page of your site.

The Content Still The King

Content is the most vital part of any website. If the content is original and generic, it helps to stand you out or helps to rank at the top in SERP. Yes, you can rank top just with your thorough content and some backlinks. If you really want to spend on something for your website, spend time for your content. Some good practices which should be followed while writing a content :

  1. Content should be like which resembles your product or services.
  2. Read the mind of your customer and provide them with what they are excepting.
  3. Always double check your content before going live because your single mistake lets you lose your potential customer.
  4. Try to write engaging content for your visitors so that your content may go viral.

CSS/Java/Wordpress Bloat Fixing

Lots of CSS / javascript helps you to provide more usability or maybe more user-friendly but ultimately is slows down your site. Always try to make a balance between all the usability, security and functionality of your website. There are lots of plugins which can help you to achieve this goal, but a popular one for WordPress site is Auto optimize which can help in optimizing JS, CSS, HTML.